Monday, 9 February 2009

Atiku Abubakar Is Deceiving Himself

By Hakeem Babalola
Nigerian Politics
I have read Atiku Abubakar's 'The Virtue of Forgiveness and Reconciliation" in which the former Nigerian vice-president seriously justified his trip to Abeokuta where he met with his estranged former boss and enemy, Olusegun Obasanjo. In the piece signed by Atiku himself, the ex-custom boy preaches forgiveness using God and religion to maintain, uphold, or defend his penitential arduous journey to Ota holy land. Atiku's journey in politics has always been about wandering starting from the PFN days to PDP to AC to PDP to...Read more


Utchman said...

This piece brings to fore the grotesque death dance between the Nigerian leader and the follower. The former will stoop to the lowest nadir and tell the barest faced lie to clinch power, knowing the latter suffers incurable amnesia which makes the masses easily forget the past lies and inherent duplicity of their leaders.

Gongo-aso said...

Finally, Atiku in an attempt to make excuses for the Abeokuta trip has only managed to cheat himself. He is like my 2-year-old son who always hides somewhere whenever he wants to pass excreta believing that no one knows what he's doing. However, there's difference between my lovely son and Atiku. Whilst my son is innocent, Atiku is guilty - of murdering the nation with his duplicity. If he eventually becomes another Nigerian dealer in 2011, I believe he won't be different. So, he does not need to tell the truth about his Ota journey. We already know. Of course we knew then that their quarrel was never ideological


If Atiku or IBB becomes a president under 1 Nigeria, I will tear my Nigerian passport into pieces. Then I will send it by DHL to whichever of them conquered Nigeria.
Reason: There will be no more hope for Nigeria and Nigerians in my life time.

datuouwadaberechi said...

@ gongo aso

i feel you oh, my brother. d only thing be say, what if i no get any other passport??
may God forbid that such a thing as IBB or AT will darken the aso high seat. or in fact, any other of those thieves.....

Agidimolaja said...

The downfall of a man,as our people say, is not te end of his life.

And in the church I heard it once upon a time that, there is life after

death,hence Jesus Christ resurrected.

The good thing is that,Nigerians are watching and they are waiting for Atiku.

IBB noticed the watching and waiting of Nigerians in 2007,he backed off.

He was already oiling his political weapons against 2011 when he noticed one

more time that Nigerians are watching and waiting.

In a mad haste,IBB dropped out and he declared to Nigerians in the lyrics of

our old primary school song:

"Babylon is falling,falling,falling;

Babylon is falling to rise no more!

When you got home,tell your Mama,

Babylon is falling,falling,falling,

Babylon is falling,to rise no more ...... "

At least that was what he told the entire universe,that his political ambition

fell,and shall rise no more.

Nigerians are watching and waiting for IBB too.