Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Re: Hungarian Women Seeking African Men

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From Nathan Njakoy

Nathan Njakoy is an American soldier on assignment in Iraq. He wrote in from
Balad Air Base, Northern Iraq

I am Nathan and I live in Minnesota (USA) but I am presently on assignment in Iraq.

Well I was going through one of the articles you wrote on Hungarian women seeking African men. That was so funny the facts you presented. Actually it got me to realise what those people are all about.

But you know what? I am talking to one Hungarian girl at the moment. I met her in Cancun-Mexico when I was on leave-vacation two weeks ago. She seems to be so nice and for the whole time I was over there in Mexico. I still did not get the catch as to what she could have wanted out of me. That is if we ever got to the point of getting married.

At so many instances I thought she is falling in love with me to get U.S citizenship for she will automatically be entitled to that after we got married. Then the question is this: is she just trying to get to me to get that citizenship?

Well you have to help me with this one.

She is so pretty. Break it down for me but you know, there at Cancun, there were so many other white guys she could have tried to lure. But she left all of them and decided to come for me. Well we had a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing her when I get done with my military duties here in Iraq by July 2008. I will wait and see. Hit me back and tell me what you think. Bye for now.

Your African brother,
Nathan from Balad Air Base, Northern Iraq

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princess said...

c am an american citizen and happen to know this Nathan Njakoy. Last I remembered he was inlove with his gurlfriend so lemme ask this ?. do american soldiers get so desperate they start to seek for other women in European countries while their loved ones wait for them here. A piece of advice for Nathan. ur gurl better not find out bout u trying to marry a Hungarian to help her get citizenship or u my brother a r gonna b one dead brother. until this moment i thought u were a hero but u turn out to b an asshole.