Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Joyful tears in my pupil eyes

As My Pupils Graduate
Upon time their innocence so easily seen
They allow mama/papa dress & undress them
No red in their face when aunt bath them
But now girl or boy pals blush them so quick-

Years pass they circle round me to know
They allow me blow their nose
They crawl around me for more
As they tease and hate and love me-

Then they were not even as tall as a dwarf
Now they bend down to collect their reward
Experience and knowledge and nature
Nap those little devil angels from me-

I remember their tricks:
When they drain energy out of me
When they mock me aliases
When they make me weep-

Thence I think I’m less qualified
To empower them survival
In this jungle round city
Where strong pummel the weak

They make me mad – almost
My pupils, baddest and brightest
My pupils, wild and wise
My pupils, meek and might

I endure their incorrigible habits
I endure their youthful exuberance
I survive their pranks
I survive their laziness

Today my face wreathed in smiles
As they walk towards me:
“Thanks for being a teacher
Thanks for empathy and patience.”

A time for fellow feeling?
So my pupils have grown up!
To know the toil of a teacher &
Show remorse getting on my nerves-

Today as they graduate,
Their success my gain and joy
Joy without fear or guilt or regret
A reward of poor dedicated fellow

Hakeem Babalola 2006 copyright

Joyful tears in my pupil innocent eyes

Here comes night of innocent eyes
To sing the song we sang together
In presence of both parents
To reward the toil of a teacher

The world have known about my pupils
How brilliant and smart they become
To sing the song we sang together
Their voices the world to hear

In joy they wink their innocent eyes
As sparkle as diamond to the world stage
When the clap I hear glow my beating heart
Until their mouth refused to talk

So my heart starts to ache
So I begin to sweat
So I stumble
So I jump on the stage

My pupils start to weep
So I say: Weep
So they weep
And they weep

Shout, so they shout
Laugh, so they laugh
Clap, so they clap
Kick, so they kick

And so parents sing along
And so the world sing along
And so they become brilliant and smart
As we sing the song we sang together

What my pupils say of me
Be patient or madness become you
We can make you crawl like a toddler
Cause we know more than imagine.
Like us but pretending otherwise
Come swear before our innocence
If genuine enough as depicts.
Your paper we care not
But the human in you
And we respond according.
Come swear before us
If like us you never were
Aren’t we your mirror?
You see you not in us?
How gone soon your memory
To know the picture of you.

Because Dem Say I Be Bank Robber

Me Africaness a crime in their eyes
Me Nigerianess a crook in their eyes
Cause I smart pass them in their own game?
They who enchant I with whiteness
Turning I into zombie functionally illiterate
Me forefather more harm they did him
When they forced him build their land
They rob his wealth and humaness
To buckle down his children children
But me dignity I must keep
Hence I enslave me soul
They make I guilty of me image
Dispower I from I and from I
They who define who I should be
But when I start to free meself
They remind I of me past
How it was they that empower I
Otherwise in darkness I waste
Though I believe not their thought
Humn… I’m I still not a victim?
Today their land I run for me bread
Today me father still borrow from them
Sure help shall I get to bondage I – again
When I start to know, me father they rebuke
Him not doing proper job on I
Help… me inheritance to seek
Else hunger become I – forever
And when I enlighten me father
About whiteman’s trick
Me papa disown I:
Oyinbo never go wrong!
Me father, victim himself
Is addicted to hooking help
The more I resist Oyinbo’s trick
The more they trick I
Then Oyinbo return half me forefather’s wealth
Deceive me father to feed I good education
Off they entice I to their land – again
Not like slave but like king’s servant
To drain me clan – again
Now I know –
Whiteman don’t like beggar
But beggar they want I to be
To remain what they want I to be:
Beggar, bank robber & laughing stock

When Shall This Bride Become?
When they are gone
All of them-
Those brain death rapists
Those hook worms
Arrow and spear hole their head
When they return
All of them-
Those impotent drain brains
Those mountain goats
Crown and cowtail honour their head
When we are no more
Destroyers and Builders
Fountainheads and falseheads
Must iron it out
When worms and goats
All of us-
All of them-
Deconstruct bobo match-maker’s aim
And truly
Shall this bride become

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