Tuesday, 4 September 2007

No One Can Question Me Over April Elections

Perhaps Obasanjo still think he is the Emperor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One day this man must be brought to justice. Then he will have known that power belongs to no Emperor but to the people thereafter. If a man could be so cheap as to be mocking Nigerians like this man who ruled Nigeria with such tempestuous mind for eight years, then he belongs to where Abacha, another lunatic, put him.... read more
POLITE NOTICE :"Bags Not Allowed in Exam Halls?"
"That is your own notice. If any invigilator has two heads let him challenge me for spying the answer from my bag. I will ask Yar'dua to sack the VC or CLOSE this Open University" - Oloshi olori-buruku at my age to fail again? God forbid bad tin. Dat is why my security is here".

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