Saturday, 13 October 2007

Bill Gates Denied Visa To Nigeria


World Richest man, Bill Gates recently applied for a visa to visit Nigeria and was denied. But there were some issues. Apparently, Nigeria needed proof that the richest man in the world wouldn't be collecting any form of social services money.

In the end, Nigeria wouldn't budge until it received a a certified letter from Gates' bank affirming that he was financially independent.

If it's this tough for Bill to get into Nigeria, the rest of us don't stand a chance. By the way, Microsoft's revenues equal close to 30% of Nigeria's GDP. According to Forbes, Bill Gates currently holds a net worth of $59 billion.

Bill Gates was recently visiting Africa, probably for his Gates Foundation charities, wanted to travel to Nigeria. He needed a visa from Nigerian Government, so when he applied for the visa, Nigeria denied him. The Nigerian government required proof that the Bill Gates would not stay in the country for a long time and become a burden to Nigeria’s social services and immigration.

Nigeria because of its oil wealth, many from other African countries immigrate illegally, so the Nigerian government required assurances from Bill Gates that he will not be in the country for long.

A travel document expediter CIBT helped the billionaire Bill Gates overcome the hurdle by helping him with his application, obtained a letter from Gates’ bank that reassured the Nigerian authorities, who later approved his visa.

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