Monday, 15 October 2007

FEAR (A Poem)

By Bonka Archie

People go through phases of life, wanting to be phenom
Chasing, grasping the wind and building emotions as crafty
As a fox with soak brain, waiting to be drained and shouting
Out to the voices from afar, multiple times but it wasn't fun.

Being helpless, I need to call 911 but no way. They can't control this fear.
Going through this diary of life and flipping through pages
Of changes, not knowing the position of the contents.
Oh!fear, oh!fear, oh!fear, this fear

Its like a razor blade that cuts through you and there is a place
In there where only few people can find their strength back.
That is through their pain, blind folded with their fury and just making
Reality like a punching bag.
Oh! fear, oh! fear, oh! fear, this fear.

There is only one life to live and many roads to follow
Whilst the wind has no bounds , no colours and no limits
Just taste the smell and follow the vane.
Are you lost in time? No, wake up! Time is our most valued asset
Get more plunder, but no more time. Get out and rise above this fear
Oh! fear, oh! fear, oh! fear, this fear.

Bonka Archie sends this poem from Budapest, Hungary

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