Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Learn and Look Before Leaping Abroad

By Hakeem Babalola

The bottom line is this: don’t come here anyhow. For instance, you may want to come here first, observe and go back, then apply for a longer term visa. Or you may want to come as a student and then take it from there. This is not only the right thing to do, it earns you respect as well. Sure it is expensive but you will have preserved your dignity and that of Nigeria. You should realise that countries all over the world frown at what they call illegal immigration. Many of our brothers and sisters have perished during such arduous journeys. Europe or America are not like they were before. But my people are right when they say,
Bi a gun iyan si inu ewe, bi a se obe si inu epo epa, e ni ma yo a kuku and read more

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Jazuli Lawal said...

Dear Hakeem,

I have read your word of caution which was posted on Gamji website which is quite educative. I always frown at those Nigerians who are so desperate to fly out to Europe or US in search of fortune. Perhaps, I could remember, while I was working in Lagos (2006) my girlfriend who is a Yoruba even though I am Hausa by tribe, she was so desperate to move. I had to educate and re-educate her several times before she accept to stay back. Well, now I live in Abuja, anything can happen.

Secondly, just last month, my employer who is a Federal Government Agency, wanted to send me to UK for a two weeks course but yet I could not secure any visa why? I kept asking my protocol officer what was the reason, of course the behaviour of our people. I feel very bad with the current attitude of some diplomats, yet I can not blame them for the kind of treatment they give to our people in our country.

Lastly, I hope you would steer the project of reorientation of our people there so that, this attitude would be reduced drastically to avoid more embarrassment to our dear country.

Thank you once again.

Jazuli Lawal