Monday, 29 October 2007

A Nightclub Forbidden to Africans(A Rejoinder)

By Archie Bonka

Since you have decided to be the mouth piece of the people, then we will be very glad if you could do us a favour by doing more research in your articles so as to give us something up to date to chew.

Your article on RIO NIGHTCLUB/CAFE is hundred percent true. Most of us have been denied entry several times, but this summer the tide had to be changed when they tried to deny D.J.EDWARD, a senegalese who is a naturalised Hungarian.

On that fateful night, D.J.EDWARD was in the company of his Hungarian friends. The event shocked everyone. Fortunately, one of them is a journalist. So the defunct SZINES LAP newspaper wrote about this incident with a picture of D.J.EDWARD standing in front of the RIO NIGHTCLUB/CAFE.

The funniest thing is that, the city of original RIO, which this nightclub adopted is a bubbling and shuffling city twenty four hours non-stop. For example, one can actually say that every soul on earth is being represented.

I mean just check out the Samba Carnivals; its full of joy, love and happiness. Perhaps the owner of the nightclub does not really know what RIO means.

Lastly, we Africans have to take part of the blame simply because some of us do not know how to socialise or rather comport ourselves in such places. Therefore just a minor incident does affect us. Surely the owner would not like to lose his business which is probably a lifetime investment. This is the main reason they often play it safe by telling you "it's a private party or frankly I am sorry, you are not allowed."

For further information try to contact D.J. EDWARD or pay a visit to the RIO NIG.HT CLUB/CAFE.

Archie Bonker resides in Budapest, Hungary

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