Thursday, 11 October 2007

Re: Where was the National Flag on "Independence Day"?

By Dr. John Sessi

Dear Hakeem,

While reading all your observations about Nigerian issues in Hungary, I am at a cross road with myself. It will be noticed that you have very good ideas about how things can be done in a positive way which is very encouraging.

However, it beats my imagination that criticism is the first watchword of your writings, which is also fine. I am of the opinion that if you really care for the positive development and welfare of our citizens in Hungary, it is not enough to criticize. It will really be welcome if you can also come around personally and contribute to the implementation of your wonderful ideas.

There is nothing wrong in you coming around on the said date with a flag in your hand to actually plug the loop hole. While staying aside to comment that there was no flag at the occasion, which is absolutely right, I see nothing stopping you in taking your own fair share by providing the flag, as a Nigerian.

Remember, somebody once said that you should not only ask what your country can do for you. You may also ask yourself, what can you do for the advancement of your Country. Noble ideas such as yours are welcome, but please make yourself available not only on the pages of write-ups, but also physically and personally.

Dr. John Adeniyi Sessi

Dr. John Sessi is the General Manager of Fromm Packaging System, Hungary

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