Thursday, 22 November 2007

Let Our Son Live

For Tiwadoyin Babalola on His 1st Birthday

A joy in two hearts
And other hearts too:
Grand parents, uncles, aunties
And well-wishers too.

In pain you came
I was there to less mummy’s pain
In that House of mixed feelings
When you arrived from womb.

Mummy had carried you
For nine full moons
You kicked mummy so hard
As we awaited our honey.

Mama and Papa watch you grow
Everyday you look different
You eat and poop and poop
Ah, you cry and cry.

What a smart little man
Cause you know how
To catch mama and papa’s attention
Whenever they neglect their honey.

"dadadada," you cried. "Mamamama"
Even when mummy tired,
Mummy must wake up
To attend her little sheep.

As each day wax,
We see your name in us
Honey radiates our roof
We kiss happiness as it flies by.

We watch your efforts
As you learn to crawl
As you learn to take steps
As you fall and learn.

You bring forth memory
Of yesteryears in mum and dad
You become a mirror
And a link to our past.

Your smile is a joy to us
Your laugh is contagious
We want you to laugh more
So we can joy more.

You are such a wonderful baby
So wonderful that mama and papa
Would like another one
Just like you to play with

Above all,
the knowledge man
Say everything alright
It lessens our anxiety.

But my baby,
Life is not bed of roses
I think much of this life
How it will benefit you.

How your peers will ride you not
WAZOBIA you must speak
To preserve your identity
But WAZOBIA dead?

Then Yoruba you must
Oh, our baby, our honey
Freedom of thought and eloquence
Shall guide you through.



Wale Akin said...


Big congrats on the 1st birthday of your son.

Big kisses to him and regards to your Wife.


Tonsoyo said...


How sweet of you. Congratulations!

Zanderlex said...

Congrats Hakeem

Hakeem said...

Thank you...thank you very much guys.

Hakeem (On behalf of my family)

Ani said...


Extend my congratulations to your boy on his first birthday.Time sure flies, i remember us congratulating you on the birth of the boy.Cheers

Adeola Aderounmu said...

WAZOBIA you must speak
To preserve your identity
But WAZOBIA dead?
Then Yoruba you must


Hakeem, I have a collection of Yoruba books should in case you lack some at your end.

beambolla said...

it is good to give thanks to the lord, sing praises to the most high psalm 92.1

we rejoice with you and may he get a sibling real soon:wink:

congrats hakeem, wife and the lovely birthday boy

Chief Kalu said...

Congratulations! I share in your joy.