Monday, 5 November 2007

Let Fekete Pákó Be

Archie Bonka

Since the end of the cold war and the collapsed of communism, the media has changed drastically in Hungary and other European countries. The approach has changed from censorship to an extreme and aggressive reporting.

Perhaps in order to survive in a very competitive market, such approach is inevitable. It is the reason you don't only see a page three girl but four, five, six, etc on some of the newspapers we read these days.

Fekete Pako came from nowhere with fresh idea to breakthrough a sector which is highly competitive. I mean the music or showbiz, whichever preferred. An African singing in Hungarian native language! This is a surprise to most Hungarians.

The kind of music Pákó dabbles into brings back memories to an already established music lovers who are starving for something new to add to their gypsy girl (TIGAN LANYA) collections. I mean a nostalgic look back at the old school stuff.

Although Fekete Pako is not a good singer as he does confess but he has another character. For example, being funny or stupid which has helped him a lot. You can't be a Michael Jackson without dancing or Fela Kuti without yabis.

Some of the magazines that were finding it tough to break-even did not waste time jumping on the wagon to take a piece of the action in other to survive. Therefore, the media has played a vital role in making sure Fekete Pako survived in other for them to survive until another Fekete Gonja comes around.

So whether media bashing or not, both Fekete Pako and the media have managed to put our fresh colour on the map of Hungary and in the eyes of Hungarians in the Diaspora. Some of us have been mistakenly called Fekete Pako either affectionately, funnily, sympathetically and what have you.

Who say yabis de touch body? Go and ask Michael Jackson or Britney Spear. This is the trend in the media. Fekete Pako, your die hard fans are waiting for another ADIDI ADADA.

Lastly, the media does not have time to write about a successful egghead who has never been home to pay back his or her debt for scholarship in which our poor parents contributed to.

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