Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Border guards dismantle checkpoints to prepare for Schengen

Hungary Joins Visa-free Schengen Zone

Border guards and police preparations have got under way, including the dismantling of border control points at Hungary's western, northern and eastern borders on Tuesday, just three days before Hungary joins the visa-free Schengen zone.

Most counties near Hungary's borders expect economic gains from joining Schengen but no rise in the number of foreign guest workers, police officials and politicians polled by MTI said.
Changes in police activities will include the right to cross borders when pursuing criminal suspects, one officer said.

In the northern Nograd County, cross-border EU projects are expected to bring faster growth after joining Schengen. Regions which were historically united but were ceded to different countries after World War One will be able to co-operate better after borders become elusive, the mayor of the N Hungary town of Pacin, Attila Barati told MTI.

In some border regions, locals expect better neighbourly relations and joint lobby activities, for example on such issues as the industrial park planned in Heiligenkreuz, near the border in Austria.

Source MTI

Schengen States

Capital: Vienna
Land area: 83,857 km2
Population: 7.8 millions

Capital: Brussels
Land area: 30,519 km2
Population: 10 millions

Capital: Copenhagen
Land area: 43,080 km2
Population: 5.2 millions

Capital: Helsinki
Land area: 338,000 km2
Population: 5.1 millions

Capital: Paris
Land area: 544,000 km2
Population: 57 millions

Capital: Berlin
Land area: 357,021 km2
Population: 82.5 millions

Capital: Athens
Land area: 131,940 km2
Population: 10.6 millions

Capital: Reykjavik
Land area: 103,000 km2
Population: 0.3 millions

Capital: Rome
Land area: 301,263 km2
Population: 59.6 millions

Capital: Luxembourg
Land area: 2,586 km2
Population: 0.4 million

Capital: Amsterdam
Land area: 41,526 km2
Population: 15 millions

Capital: Oslo
Land area: 307,860 km2
Population: 4.6 millions

Capital: Lisbon
Land area: 92,102 km2
Population: 10.3 millions

Capital: Madrid
Land area: 504,800 km2
Population: 40.8 millions

Capital: Stockholm
Land area: 450,000 km2
Population: 8.8 millions

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