Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Re: The Gambian godfather

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By Katalin

Hi Hakeem,

Yesterday I found some interesting news about Nigerians in your blog. I was really surprised about one of your article where you wrote about "Mr Dean"...... and about MY husband, Steve!

If I remember you well, we (Steve and me) met you also some times in the middle of 90's as well on Deák tér, Steve and me worked around that area and you passed there also and talked to us few words as well. It means that you also know my husband.:-)

So just to clarify the situation (as I feel it is important to do) that my husband NEVER left Hungary, we are living together very well - after 16 years - still in Budapest. I remember that Dean met us on the street some times ( at the beginning of 90's) and Steve told him some sad stories about the Foreigners' Police Office, but we succeeded with our Hungarian lawyer (and never with his help) to receive finally his permission to stay.

It is true that Steve has very few African contacts (due to limited time and family) so Dean has lack of information and lack of communication with Steve which created this confusion in his "storyline".

Sorry to say, but I am very disappointed to read a story with negative outcome about my husband (with full name!), as I am really very proud of him and about my life with him here in Hungary.

Therefore I kindly ask you to double check your stories before you publish it to many Nigerians in your blog, as Steve is the biggest success in MY life, and I do not want to read any false news about him/us (....and I am sure that we never gave any reason to do it...)

Sorry if I was a little bit impolite with my opinion/request above, but "Mr Dean" should remember better about the past or say nothing about people - with name - in case of missing information.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,
Katalin the "Hungarian wife"

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