Sunday, 2 March 2008

Anti-Racism Concert Held

By Archie Bonka

In continuation of the Anti-Racism Day which was observed worldwide on March 21, the Far From Home Foundation on March 29 brought people together under one roof at NAPHÁZ, Budapest, to party away the sorrow associated with racism.

Although the event tagged Anti-Rassist Festival did not pull enough crowd, the few who attended were treated with different shows like singing and dancing which delighted the organiser.

Answering questions why she prefers musical concert to lectures and symposium in schools, colleges and universities, Obazeh Zsuzsanna said that she chose musical concert because it has a unique way of uniting different races. "I have just started the foundation," she explained, adding that she would definitely include lectures and symposium in the future.

Meanwhile, the audience said that they were satisfied with the performances exhibited by the groups. Ndombolo African Dancing Group, an all white girls, wooed the crowd with tribal dance from Senegal to the extent that they had to repeat at the audience request. Salsa Dancing Groupe also displayed the stuff they are made of under the blaring sound of Latino music.

Marian Mbaye, leader of the Ndombolo African Dancing Group, spoke about the reason why she chose African Dance instead of Ballet Dance. "I simply fell in love with African Dance and its affiliation while visiting Dakar, Senegal. The experience motivates me to establish this group and we have performed in various places in Hungary and outside".

The star of the night, Kandech Evelyne of the Mega Star fame also proved her mettle when she ignited the hall with her soulful voice that vibrated through the auditorium. Kandech thrilled the crowd with many songs including that of Nora Jones and classical Wild West.

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