Thursday, 29 May 2008

Adrienn Nyisztor Is On The Right Path

By Vincent Nnanna

I completely agree with Adrienn Nyisztor regarding her project of documenting her personal experience with a view to instructing others against falling victims.Let her cry if that will bring about any positive results. She has my blessings, and I am ready to give her material some professional touch if she asks me click to read story


Adri said...

Thanks for the nice comment...First nice comment so far:(

Honestly I do not want to 'warn' people that there are some 'evil' guys out there...No! I just wanna emphasize that generalization can lead to dangerous ideas! On one hand if Hungarians categorize Africans as "hey man whassup" kinda guys that are "cool" and like to "hook up" girls every night then some of my friends will suffer from disrespect even though they are well-educated respectful people that DESERVE a chance! On the other hand if we follow the positive discrimination tendency that the media is pushing us into, some of us Hungarian girls may fall into a trap of someone not worth our love.

I would like to show people we are all different and it is not the color that determines us. The culture may do though...And this is why I have made up my mind to get out of this circle of "friends". I still keep in touch with those who always were there for me but I will not sacrifice for those who betrayed me. This is true for ANYone...from ANY country.

I really need help for the documentary because without people I cannot make anything...A camera is not enough!

Thanks again for your understanding!

Take care,
Adrienn Nyisztor

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you know what you are saying? are you sure you know what is xenophobia? are you sure you understand quite well what South Africans passed through? Are you a real African with History and culture or a passing one?

If Andria goes ahead , she will be embarrassed and harassed from Africans living in Hungary. I hope she will heed to my past advice and warnings