Sunday, 15 June 2008

Defending Abacha: For Self or Nation?

By Hakeem Babalola
Strictly Nigerian Affair

First, it is because of prankish minds like these three Generals that inspired my article, “Making Corruption Nigeria’s Traditional Value” in which the main theme centred on the fact that corruption is no longer a big deal in Nigeria.

The three former Heads of State still believe Abacha did not loot the treasury despite the fact that millions of dollars were found in his accounts scattered all over the world. How much then should be recovered to convince these Generals that Abacha was a big thief? Oh, there’s honour among thieves (apology to General Chief Evangelist Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo) click to read story


ndiame ba-brik said...

Hakeem you are man! We need a Rawlings to clean the idiots

Usman Bakundi said...


Am surprise you are reading your story about the subject rather upside down.

You so reduce the Generals that you lack how further down you can let yourself. a smile surprise to you Hakeem, when did you and your types assume the role of thinking for anybody. why do you think people must see things only from a single paradigm. A book for you Hakeen to walk deeper into your future. " And let the true set you free" by David Ick. I believe you will find it wonderful and indeed challenging.

I hate talking for certificates, but I think Gen Buhari can send you to the cleaner and smile his way through public court for consigning him in the same smog with the likes of IBB and Abdul Salam Abubakar if he so wishes.

However please note that all of them have the innate right to self expression, in fact that is also agreed to by our law books. I am not joining issue with you sir, but please respect view from other civilisation.

thank you sir.