Friday, 4 July 2008

Re: The Influential Thieves

By Dapo Morounkeji
Right to reply

Hi Hakeem,

Your piece, The Influential Thieves, makes an interesting reading.

Any sensible and well meaning Nigerian will agree with all the points you raised in your article. But what can we do? As a result of man's inhumanity to man being exhibited daily by our Leaders, Nigeria is moving to becoming HELL on Earth every day.

Looking at it from personal point of view, I graduated about 20 years ago from the Premier University with a Second Class Upper Division Honours Degree with nothing to show for it. I ran away from Nigeria six years ago at the slightest opportunity.Yet, I am an incurable optimist when it comes to Nigeria. I love Nigeria and my heart testifies to this.

People scream at me whenever I tell them that I am home sick and thinking of coming back.This
makes my heart to bleed the more. Contemporary Social Problems such as Prostitution, Cultism, Advanced Fee Fraud(419), Armed Robbery, Human Sacrifice For Money Making Rituals,
Human Trafficking e.t.c. are now the order of the day as a result of
heartlessness of our Leaders.

I learnt that fuel subsidy will be completely removed by January,2009. GOD help them.

In my own humble opinion, the solution lies in our collective decision to take our destiny in our own hands by rising up and engaging those wicked good-for-nothing leaders in civil disobedience of GOD knows what proportion.That is when things will start taking shape.

Morounkeji, a fellow Nigerian lives in Oxford City, United Kingdom

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