Friday, 17 October 2008

Hungarian couple preserve African heritage in six-acre museum

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Archie Bonka recently travelled to a little known Hungarian village where he discovered a six-acre museum dedicated to Africa by one Dr. Nagy Endre, who before his death instructed his wife, Lady Katalin Endre, to bury part of his body in Africa. This is a report you do not want to miss read more

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Anonymous said...

Whao!What a fascinating story. l really cannot believe that one can still find couples in village(s) in this country that has deep love for Africa. l am highly impressed , not to mention that Africa was a refuge for the late Man. l hope Hungarians will learn one or two things that Africa is not climbing on top of trees. Good job Lady Endre. Kudos to you and to Achi what a discovery.

Daniel Osoba