Sunday, 5 October 2008

The scramble for Africa's fund

By Hakeem Babalola
Comment & Analysis

For example, France Motumbo, a Congolese who is the president of the Foundation for Africa, admitted that Hungarians are behind his foundation although he is the one running it physically. It seems to me that the practice of uplifting Africa out of altruism has led this continent into a philosophical cul-de-sac culminated in new slavery. Otherwise why should we Africans see living in “Western continent” as a do or die affair? Isn’t it a tragedy for Africa if its brightest minds must escape to the “Western continent” before making use of their intellects? read more

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raymond said...

I have read your article about africans in hungary, while i suspect some of these so called charities may have genuine intention and implementations,

I also suspect there are few suspicious charity groups masquerading as a genuine charity organisation with African Interests but have a exploitative economic interest and or even all together non african interest at all.