Sunday, 14 September 2008

Re: Admiral Arogundade & his Mad Puppies

By Ronks
A rejoinder

UZOMA OKERE……….demoCRAZY in action!

I watched the video ( with distaste and anger in my veins. Arguing with my own eyes, (this cannot be true, it must be a movie location, they cannot be humans, and maybe they are aliens from the 13th planet.)

Alas! My eyes were not deceiving me, they are flesh and blood, our own naval officers beating and manhandling a woman to the extent. of stripping her topless to the full glare of everybody.

HER OFFENCE? She dared to stand in the way of Don, Chief, Oluaye, Rear, Admiral, Olufemi Arogundade and his ferocious wolves.

I have tried to restrain myself from commenting on this barbaric act .This is because I realize that my comments could be misconstrued as that of a feminist but the scenario keeps sliding in my mind, it could have been your sisters, our mothers or me. (To my mind, this is raw wickedness!)

However, the magnitude of the situation has made it imperative that I lend my voice to discourse for posterity.

Seeing her dragged into the van is heart wrenching. All her friends and everybody around could do was watch with dismay (the bold ones recorded with the phones, of course hell was let loose because of this singular act), hoping that life will not be snuffed out of her.

Just like the king Kong that he is, the admiral left his men to display their (and his) madness and Uzoma later driven to him to inspect the work done. I see their action an insult to the animals (so far, that is what they have been nicknamed) kingdom.
How many dogs have charged at you this month?
Have you been beaten by any snake this year?
I guess your answer is NO, as small as the head of a rat is, it can still think.
Do you think a right thinking man would do what they did?

These men have acted way below animals. So on behalf of all animals, I protest. Any man that can raise his hand to strike a woman is the lowest specie of cowards, let alone six men against one woman, they should be castrated.

Their destination (palm wine joint), we would have thought they were on their way to welcome the loved president, Obama (who has come to thank Oby and friends for the millions gathered during his campaign).

“You are lucky they did not kill you,” Arogundade said (I defend him, he could not have made such statement, it must have been a phone ringing, his ring tone maybe) but indeed he opened that thing called his mouth to utter such; he should be given a permanent bed space in Aro Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta.

If the “don and his boys” were that “strenghtfilled”, I would have personally organize a bout between them and all the area boys in Lagos. Iraq is still in need of men, if our naval officers do not know where to channel their energy’s, I will sponsor their trip.
The P.R.O (I reserve my comment on this egg brained) did a very good job, defensive of his partners, he accused Miss Okere of taking the horsewhip off the men. What did he expect her to do in such situation? Of course hold on to the whip, the source of her pain.

In addition, the case is been investigated. What is there to investigate? (We have eyes, we saw all that happened) The investigation of the death of M.K.O Abiola, what became of it? Alternatively, is the assassination of Bola Ige, Kudirat Abiola or is the construction of some weather beaten monument an answer to their death.

I strongly advise arogundade and his men to pray for justice for Uzoma and punishment on themselves or else if this issue is swept under the carpet (like so many like it), they should remember what the bible says about the sins of the father.

Seething in anger, so many Nigerians, home and abroad and I awaits justice for our sister, Miss. Uzoma Okere whose right was trampled upon in broad day light.

A close pondering of the facts in this situation will lead to the only logical conclusion a sincere mind can deduce: No one really cares! It is all about the hype (F G, prove me wrong).



I am so glad that as a people we are using this brutality to challenge the attitude that Nigerians should be maltreated by the military charged with serving us.

Hopefully Uzoma and others will achieve justice by us all working together.

Buki said...

It is a shame that a matter that is clear and visible like the sunrise, is still being "investigated" even though it has generated a lot of protests from nigerians just goes to show how warped the minds of our leaders are.