Friday, 26 December 2008

Kudos to Nigeria Embassy Hungary but…

By Hakeem Babalola

I have made it a ritual to keep in touch with our embassy ever since it got its website, and most especially when the website was recently given a fine face, something quite unusual in the history of Embassy of Nigeria Budapest, Hungary. Although there's need for improvement, I must confess that I find the new website accessible and more


ranta said...

I heard him say,
"I am Mr Obileye and the husband of her excellency,I am here because ahe can not leave me at home alone with maid in these freeezing weather conditions"

Methinks the gentleman can accompany his missus anytime he feels like,If he was dragged to Hungary, you cant expect him to be gardening alot.

clearwater said...


Acording to your article, "the new website provides necessary information even though further improvement is needed as mentioned earlier"

I subscribe 100% to this statement - some of the information on the website are names of Embassy's staffs "Embassy of Nigeria Budapest, Hungary" - these are the names are job title listed:

Ambassador: Mrs. Adeola Adebisi Obileye
Head of Chancery: Mr. Otutola John Onijala
Minister/Consular: Mrs. Grace Chia-Sani
First Secretary/ Consular: Miss Abimbola Olapeju Aro-Taiwo
Finance Attache: Mrs. Ruth Adeyemi Odusami
Consular attache: Mrs Francisca Bola Oyinlola:

After going through the above listed employees of the Embassy in question - many questions crupted up in me - below are some of them:

I hope there are other Nigerians working there whose names are yet to be or not listed on the Embassy's web site!

If these are the only staffs, does the embassy represent Nigerian cultural diversity?

Does it represent Nigeria or a particular tribe in Nigeria?

How can this Embassy represents all Nigerians in that area?

Is it nepotism or tribalistic affairs gooing on there?

Are these the only qualified Nigerians posted by Nigerian external affairs ministry to Hungary or what?

Is it the normal Nigerian embassy syndrome around the globe "tribalism"?

Someboby help me here;) Nigerian situation is no longer news! I agree! this is an extension of what is going on in Nigeria! Somebody should correct me or prove me wrong before I make wrong conclusion.:source

Babs Oshodi said...

Sir, you and this our embassy, you have been harassing them for sometime now. Abi you want job for there? Let me know so I can talk to madam ambassador on your behalf.

I enjoy reading you sha on a serious note and thanks for exposing those so-called Nigeria representatives who are only representing themselves and their pockets.

Babs Oshodi
Ikeja, Lagos