Monday, 26 January 2009

Nigerian Political Activists Are Deceiving the Masses

By Hakeem Babalola
Nigerian affairs

As we drown our trouble in looking for crusaders, many are coming forward pretending to be paladins fighting for our cause. In our moment of great distress, many are preaching activism and, or radicalism to beguile Nigerians into joining them in their fake movement. Today's activism has become another religion to conquer the minds of unsuspecting Nigerians like Islam and Christianity read more


i-go-better said...

"If these political activists are really sincere and loyal to the sacred cause of activism, there would have been much difference in the thinking of the so-called leaders; even the masses whose ignorance of things that affect their lives is so obvious. How could it be possible - in a country full of political activists - for Atiku and Obasanjo to be mocking the entire nation! I mean, the two worms pretend to be fighting a roforofo fight and yet meeting each other afterwards saying, it's a move to forge a common front in projecting national interest. The two men could reconcile if they so wish, but to connect it to national interest is a big slap on my face; I don't know about yours".

If only we have a government or effective crime-fighting institution to recover all the billions these clowns "factually"accused each other of stealing! They can then enjoy their bed together till death do them part.

The fact that some people lost their lives fighting to make this character called Atiku President is a clear reflection on the sad state of mind of many Nigerians. Orji Uzor Kanu would be the next to Ota Zoo. Mark my word.

MrOneNaija said...


Apt and thought-provoking! The initiating article of the thread has succinctly painted the terrible picture of the incoherent, contradictory, opportunistic and sometimes sectarian posturing masquerading as anti-status quo activism in our dear Naija. In some critical ways, our soi-disant activists pose a far greater danger than the crooked pol. One suspects that the state of anomie in the land today is taking a toll on the advocacy by civil society groups and their self-proclaimed representatives.

blackdragon1 said...

I do agree that there is a lot of deception and manipulation going on in Nigeria today uder the guise of religion, politics and activists.However we need to note that we exist in an imperfect world and universe hence there is no such thing as a perfect person. We all have various sizes of skeletons in our cupboards(including the author of this article).

We therefore need to be realistic in our asessments.I do not think that your accusations should extend to the likes of Gani Fawehinmi. Relatively speaking, he has demonstrated himself to be the most principled elite in the entire country.Even the so called "Evil Genuis" referred to gani as the most consistent individual he has come accross..implying that all "settlement" attempts towards Gani failed.

In addition, Gani has demonstrated that he is a completely detribalised Nigerian on several occasions, taking legal action against even his own tribe where he has perceived injustice.

In summary, while we have a lot of fake activists in Nigeria today, we should not fail to acknowledge & respect those who have sacrificed their comfort, freedom and even families for the sake of the masses(no matter how imperfect they may be). I place more value on these individuals than the so called men of God & pastors who feed off people's sweat under the banner of salvation.