Friday, 6 February 2009

A Reckless Driver Or An Adventurous Policewoman?

Photos by Mohammed Zayyad


Danmeka said...

Nice pictures,

ANIMALS IN HUMAN SKIN,Rule of law has become a nosense in Nigeria, what kind of society are we becoming?

My Smallvoice said...

This is as funny as it is serious...God Almighty, where is thy face? Why have you forgotten my people. Hum, what is Nigeria turning to? armed robbers in government; armed robbers in unoiform; armed robbers in the media; armed robbers in the bank; armed robbers among doctors; armed robbers everywhere killing my people day in day out...God, where is your face....

Anonymous said...

These pictures tell million stories about this place called Nigeria. Is the woman a real police officers? Is this how the rule of law is implemented in Nigeria? No wonder the oyinbos call us animals...I am crying...

ttonjo said...

The real lesson and the most saddest point of above 'pictorial lawlessness' in today's Nigeria society, is the non-challant attitude of the small boy in the 1st picture.

The poor boy did not seem concern about the despicable situation going on around him. He seems oblivious or should I say, with I don't care attitude, to the ANARCHY going on in front him, because such a shameful scene is not knew to him. Nigeria we hail thee!!

That is the most dangerous aspect of the above situation in Nigeria today. What did you expect from such a child growing up in a society where there is no regard for law?

In a decent society, he would have been frighten or better still, seek avenue to alert the relevant authorities, either by phone or whatever means.

But hey, this is Nigeria, the land of uselessness, hopelessness, lawlessness, corruption, police brutality, anarchy, dirty politics, etc.

That is to show how Nigeria has now degenerated into a lawless nation.

God help us all and our future generations whose psychics are being gradually eroded with this type of lawlessness with impunity.:rant::no::rant:

iamgod said...

In Naija, we have people(cops, touts, angry citizens,etc), routinely step in front of moving vehicles. Woe betide the unlucky driver whose brakes dont respond.

This scenario s even more amusing; given that the traffic cop donning the yellow vest has no license anywhere to stop private vehicles. Thank God these ones didnt have guns. Someone was killed recently for hitting a police vehicle and not stopping to pay homage and worship. Imagine what would happen for actually hitting one of the cops.

We daily live with the amusing and incredible. Hunger must really make people mad.

Iyke said...

we need to re-educate our Police force. the best way to stop a car is not by standing infront of it? the police woman in the above pictures is really a foolish one. And why many drivers do not stop when police stops them is that they already know why the police are stoping them. Egunje! its really a pity

nijalaw said...

The pictures made me laugh. :clap::clap::clap:

The policewoman was just so stupid or idiotic & it just shows the level of intelligence in the police force. She could have been killed or maimed & from the last picture I'm sure she got some bruises. What stopped them from taking down the license plates & vehicle description or flagging down a bike or another vehicle to trail the offender to make an arrest; if there was any offense at all.

From the 2nd picture the offender is a woman & I bet you that's why the policewoman put in extra stupid effort to apprehend her.

It's a real shameful display.

akuluouno said...

This woman driver just has a little fuel to go pick up her children from school and there is a policewoman who felt after training that the only way to stop a driver who refused to bring her parti:rolleyes:kolas is to match strenght with a 1,600 horse power engine:D:D:
Agbada don hook wire and indeed that wa what happened. You see Nigerian politicians have been mouthing the idea of moving thenation forward accompanied by wide gesticulations of the hand as if by magic wand as they say and wave those hands Nigeria moves forward. That must have been what this kamikaze policewoman thought, that by holding unto a car like Killi Wee Nwachukwu, she can bring it to heel.:twisted::twisted:
Super woman Olopa :razz::clap: