Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ayoka's Evil Deed Hauting Her: A Rejoinder To Nigerians Betrayed Me

By Dr. Adebisi Adewole (PHD)
Nigerian Affairs

How interesting it is to see how quickly Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo is being hunted by her quilt. Adebayo organised and participated in a grand design fraudulent election re-run in Ekiti, she declared a false result, returned an unpopular candidate and imposes the unacceptable party on the people of Ekiti, only to turn round and blame the people of the state for the crime she committed against them.

It is paradoxical to see how Ayoka’s epistle to Nigeria titled ‘Nigerians betrayed me’, was calculated to rub salt on the wounds she inflicted on the people of Ekiti state and exonerate herself. She shamefully accused Nigerians, the Nigerian press and the people of Ekiti of cowardice and lack of courage. She painted herself as the failed ‘messiah’ of the Ekitis and she told Nigerian in her open letter only after she had done the damage, not before, as she was only speaking to herself, not even to her children and grandchildren, that she ‘positioned herself in the corridor of power’, certainly the PDP corridor, with whom she dined and wined and begged for positions, in order to execute a master plan to begin a revolution.

She hypocritically told Nigerians in her letter that she wanted to join the league of the great women of the world by doing something ‘spectacle’. But Ayoka failed woefully, as she only ended up doing something debacle, as a result of her catastrophic, narrow minded, selfish and miscalculated false ambition.

Nigerians are not foolish, and they do not take stupid afterthoughts that Ayoka is dangling to limit the damage she had caused. The social guilt is already on her head and that is what she will have to leave with for the rest of her life. Mrs Ayoka Adebayo must know that she cannot be a woman of respect and self dignity in the eyes of the world again as she would like Nigerian to see her, not even in the eyes of her PDP collaborators. Indeed she is a symbol of betrayal, hypocrisy and greed. With the role she played in the Ekiti election re-run and its aftermath, she had exposed her ignorance and her open letter to Nigerians portrays a mere afterthought and sense of guilt.

Ayoka Adebayo said she ‘had read about great heroines around the world, including our Nigerian women of the likes of Moremi Ajasoro, Nwayeruwa of Aba revolt, Funmilayo-Kuti and Queen Amina of Zaria’. The question is, what has she learned from her reading? Truly Ayoka may have read about the great contributions of her role models, it is clear that she has so far remained a mere reader, not a learner. What Ayoka must know is that each of these heroines stood and fought for the purpose(s) they believed in, and they succeeded with humility, and where they failed, they accepted failure with dignity and did not turn round to play the blame game. True heroes and heroines are not of little minds. They are focused at achieving results for the benefits of their people. They did not fall by the roadside, like Ayoka Adebayo did; instead, they follow their cause through to the end. The Moremis, the Kutis, the Nwayeruwas and the Aminas led clearly a defined and identifiable people with clearly defined purposes, which they adequately communicated to their followers, not hidden as that of Adebayo.

They knew their people and their people knew their leaders. We challenge Ayoka today to tell the whole world who her people were in her debacle and where they are today, who she was leading and what her purposes were. Clearly, whoever her people were, they were not the people of Ekiti, and not Nigerian women. You cannot claim to lead a revolt and turn round to blame the people for your failure. It is not only unacceptable, it is also unforgivable.

The shamed Resident Electoral Commissioner claimed she saw horrible things during her sojourn at the ‘corridor of power’ and as an electoral commissioner. That meant she had opportunity to get out of the corridor or to remain with the devil. She chose to dine with the devil. I wonder where her grandchildren were at that time when she was bringing home the sweet proceeds from the house of horror. They did not plead with her to resign at the time, instead they were together eating from the cursed fruits greed and corruption. It is only unfortunate that the grandma has brought her grandchildren into her eternal shame.

She betrayed Nigeria and her own grandchildren by making the public to believe that the pressure from her grandchildren made her to give up. It is not your grandchildren grandma, it is you, and you must be prepared to take the responsibility for your own action or inaction. My own mother is 78 years old and she has dignity and not happy with your unforgivable behaviour. May be there are things that you have not seen or know as a 74-year old that you need to see and know from people who are older than yourself.

You have no grounds to blame anyone for your own action. In India, Parvin Ardalan, the 39 year old woman journalist did not blame anyone when she was arrested for helping to set up a campaign with the aim of gathering one million signatures petition for a fairer deal for women; In Mynama, Aung San Suu Kyi, did not play the blame game since she has arrested and put under house arrest. These strong and visionary women of dignity are currently being tortured by their governments for leading the people of their country.

Therefore, Ayoka, cannot blame her flexible, chameleonic behaviour on the people of Nigeria. The more she does this the worst it will become for her, for we now know what we did not know before. We know that she has no conscience, let alone a Christian one, we know that she is resident commissioner for greed and selfishness, we know that she is now the leading world acclaimed woman coward, we know that she stands for nothing and has lost everything, and we know that the evil she did has started to haunt her.

No matter how hard she tries to explain or justify her misdeeds, it is too late for her. If her open letter to Nigeria, reporting Nigerians, was a devise to test the waters, she must know that the waters are too hot for her to swim in. Nigerians are waiting for her memoirs, but she can be sure that the people of Nigeria will respond adequately.

God Bless the people of Nigeria

Dr. Adebisi Adewole MA, MBA, PhD (FHEA,CMILT, MIOM, MNIM)
Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy
Senior Lecturer in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
London Metropolitan Business School (LMBS)
London Metropolitan University
London N7 6PP
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