Thursday, 2 April 2009

Abolish The Visa Trade

By Hakeem Babalola
World Leaders & Their Hypocrisy

Isn’t it ironic? In those days the slave merchants went to Africa, exploited and forced the inhabitants to relinquish their responsibilities, and robbed them of their dignity. These human traders then shared the slaves among themselves without the latter’s consent. And now that the descendants of the former slaves are willing to embark on similar voyage voluntarily, the door is being closed ala visa Read more


wasco said...

Are u thinking what am thinking?Think about the islamic fundamentalist who may use the advantage of Visa to do another september 11.

Chuka Olaolu Usman said...

Our Trip- Long
Our Hope- Far
Our Trouble- Many

My heart aches and bleed when I think of the humilation and hardship some of my fellow African brothers go through in order to get to Western world. And when they finally get to their destination, the situation is even more appaling.

Look what we have become in the Western world today. Despite all our achievements, we can best be describes as decorated slaves. I once read somewhere that a decorated slave is not only a slave but a big fool. She lives in two world, neither of which is real. She is up at this moment and the next moment she is down.

There is no place like home. Its high time our leaders do something right and necessary to improve the well being of our people. Instead of us looking for any available opportunity to check out.

God bless Africa!

Oghre said...

The only way blacks can overcome the oppression and banditry perpetrated on Africa by the western world is for us to go fight them on their own turf, we do not have the advantages required to get a better deal from them on our own soil because of the arrangement in place to make us nothing more than a source of income for their own economies.

The more Africans populate these western societies the more we aspire to positions of greatness, and of course be powerful enough in these countries to change policy.

I walk around these western cities and see blackness everywhere, people silently colonising (or neutralising) western perception and aggression of Africa.

The Visa and general travel debacle is not acceptable, but if what is happening is what’s required to get to these countries then sure I am quite happy that at least we are getting there!

The Irish went to America during the great famine; were treated worse than blacks and dogs. Where are the Irish today in American society? They are one of the most powerful lobby groups! They used that lobby to change the Irish economy back home.

Slavery is over, surely we defeated that beast. Today we are faced with all sorts of adversities throw at us, of which we always overcome, what does not kill you makes you stronger.

At the end of it all AFRICA WILL PREVAIL