Saturday, 11 April 2009

Heroes Square Held Charity March

By Archie Bonka

Two non-profit organisations based in Budapest, Hungary held a charity program at the historic Heroes Square on May 10 where twenty ambulance vans were dispatched to sub-Sahara Africa mainly Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Cape Verde Islands, Guinea, Gambia and Senegal.

The purpose, according to the organisers, is to help certain countries in Africa overcome health issues which the government in that region cannot provide because of lack of funds or something similar.

The one year old Charity March programme was showcased with lots of side attractions including children's. It was fun as pavilions belonging to different civil organisations were displayed to the enjoyment of the participants. There was also the exhibition of African children photos that had been taken from different parts of Africa.

It was observed that the stand belonging to the Budapest Zoo attracted the participants due to the exotic mammals on display. Live snakes, crickets, butterflies, iguanas, lizards all caught the attention of participants, mostly tourists who used the rare opportunity to take pictures.

Although only a few Africans attended the event, African women dominated the fashion parade, which was put together by Anna of Miss Afro Hungary.

The AFRO MAGIC band and SANKOFA, a Ghanaian cultural outfit based in Hungary entatained the participants.

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