Tuesday, 7 April 2009

"Nigerians Abroad The Worst": A Reply To Communication Minister

By Hakeem Babalola

Nigerians abroad are the worst when it comes to bad mouthing Nigeria, says auntie Dora, Minister of Information and Communication, who is currently leading a campaign to re-brand a drug most pharmacists considered dangerous for consumption. Auntie Dora seems to be saying, there's nothing wrong in portraying one's country as paradise even though the situation suggests otherwise. After all, India, USA & others do it read more


adeola aderounmu said...


Your article is quite soft but you made your points. I didn't write about this since I read about it because I have a very (very) busy schedule this week.

I have done 2 drafts on my computer and 100 drafts in my brain. I'll probably not write about this again but my title was going to be: DORA, NIGERIA'S GREATEST ENEMY.

Believe me you don't want to see the content of that article. It was one of those I wrote in my anger.

I don't think any sane person will describe Nigerians' abroad as the enemies of Nigeria.

Where does this put Aondoankaa, Ibori, Yar Adua, Waziri, Obasanjo, Iwu, Dora herself...and the rest of the looting team?

If Dora has forgotten, someone needs to remind her that she is serving an illegal regime and therefore she is one of the major problems with Nigeria.

AND if she doesn't know because pride and power make people foolish, her REBRANDING PROJECT has FAILED even before it started.

What nonsense is she rebranding? It will NEVER work!!!

I have said this before and Dora can read it here...I'll DIE speaking the truth. This is a course, not a plan. If that (speaking the truth) makes me an Enemy of Nigeria then I prefer to be an enemy than a friend who will enjoy at the expense of 90m people living on less than 2 dollars a day.

YOU CANNOT REBRAND OR EVEN BRAND under the prevalent socio-political situation in Nigeria.

AND for the idle minds on the rebranding team, you can take these points with you:

1. Give us good election.
3. Prosecute all the corrupt people listed above and several more that we all know (another excellent rebranding tool)

4. Take back all stolen monies and provide infrastructure and basic amenities

There are many more things but start from 3 and 4 above and you'll see that Branding is not a campaign, it is a WAY OF LIFE. It's natural.

Stop confusing tourism promotion with Branding!!!

Wake up!

wazobia said...

Very well said, Adeola, I second your views and opinions. I can't think of anything else to add to that!

Muchas Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Dora on AIT NEWS (FEC meeting). She is asking Nigerians to contribute financially towards the Rebranding Project.

Isn't it getting more ridiculous?

In her words, 'Nigerians should give because they are philantropic" "They want to tour the entire states in the Federation before going abroad"

"The Rebranding will borrow some of the elements of the "heart of Africa Project"

This is simply mis-spent energy and another waste of time and resources...

I can't believe someone will want ordinary Nigerians to contribute money to a mischievous rebranding process when 1 or 2 corupt politicians in Nigeria can cough more than 10 billion dollars if shaken by the appropriate authorities...

I am now convinced that rebranding is the work of non-creative idle minds...hopeless project!

sesan ibitoye said...

...things to rebrand:

1. Rebrand the Police force. Let them be helpful for once! Let obtaining a common document as a police report be possible in Nigeria!!
2. Rebrand NEPA (or is it now PHCN?). Let there be light! And why has it taken all of two years -and possibly counting - to declare the promised emergency in the power sector? Rebrand that one.
3. Rebrand the mimnistry of works (I don't even know the proper name!). Let the big men therein fix our roads.
4. Rebrand our politics. Make elections free and fair.
5. Rebrand the bank accounts of past Govs. and collect our looted funds.

Let the system work. and this whole wahala and circus show will automatically end!!! diesset