Sunday, 17 May 2009

Nigerians Betrayed Me

By Hakeem Babalola
Nigerian Affairs

Dear Nigeria,
I am writing this open letter because of my conscience as a Christian. It is imperative for me to tell Nigerians what actually happened in what is now known as Ekiti debacle
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Hon. Alugo Abdulazeez said...

Is this article genuine. If it is, I'ld like to seek permission to link to it from my blog but only if it is genuine. Cheers.
N.B: Please kindly confirm the genuiness of the article because I have a lot of critical points to address in it.

agidimolaja said...

To: Iyalode Erelu Ayoka Adebayo

Through:Hakeem Babalola

The letter you wrote to us was recieved and read.Thanks for efforts made and time taken to write.
It is so refreshing to me this day that my words quickly came to pass.
After the show of shame which you recently displayed in Ekitiland,I greatly denounced you and loudly proclaimed to other readers that you have not an iota of christian conscience as you dubiously claimed. I was right!
You proved me right in your letter by stating therein that you "had no choice but to dance to the drum of fraud". Habba,Iyalode! Habba!
I staggard back thunderstruck,stunned and dumbfounded as I read those pathetic words, that you abandoned your faith and teamed up with rogues.
The first question I asked,Iyalode Ayoka,was that;Is dancing to drum of fraud an evidence of christian conscience? Nay!
Presures may have been put on you to dance to the drum of fraud,but how come your so called christian conscience which you proclaimed at the rooftop did not sustain you and helped you to overcome such presures?
To the best of my knowledge,anyone who is in possession of christian conscience has never fallen by the wayside as you did. They never decamped as you did.They never teamed up with evil gangs as you did.
It is evidenced that you laid your hands on the plough already when you resigned your appointment,but you turned back when you took back the appointement. Is that not shameful enough for a professing christian?Yes,it is!
As a christian that you claimed to be,did your Bible not tell you that whoever laid his/her hands on the plough and looketh back is not fit for the Kingdom of God? Check it out.
The people of Ekiti are no cowards as you falsely lamented.It was the likes of you who betrayed them and let them down.
Iyalode,if you did not eat up your words,things could not have ended up in the way we see it today.You had the golden chance of making a difference and help to redeem democracy, but you faltered.
You not only letdown the onlookers, you as well letdown your own constituency - Christian Association of Nigeria - who rose up so majestically in defense and support of you.
Oh,you let them down as such that today, they are still at a loss for words and so have not said anything since you decamped and returned to dance to the drums of crooks,rogues,looters etc.
I should not have been so gravely offended if you did not openly bring christianity into the matter.My annoyance is that if you took a christian stand,why did you not remain standing as a christian?
My question is this;why is it that several of our nowadays christians are mere decorative christians? Why do many christians say one thing and turned around to do the very opposite of what they said?
Obj came back from jail and proclaimed himself as "born again christian".Good news!
We all saw it with our own eyes how Obj was fully involved in the dubious elections of 2003 and 2007.
We all saw it with our own eyes how Obj sponsored and supported Adedibu as the old thug devastated Oyo State with brutal acts of thuggery until the grave swalloed him up.
We all saw it with our own eyes how Obj led the great stampede of Southwest during the 2003 elections.
Is any of the above listed Obj's action an evidence of being born again? Likewise your actions in Ekitiland did not set you out as someone with christian conscience.
Lastly Iyalode,I disagree with you that Ekiti people are cowards.
They may seemed to have lost the battle of re-run but not the war.They merely retreated so as to regroup for a refight at an appointed time.
Hopefully they may have enough strenght then to crush out the likes of you and your paymasters who might stand on their way.
Sincere greetings.

Agidimolaja, Awo Ile-Ife....

papino said...

Madam Adebayo,
Your attempt to hood-wink Villagers with gallantry tales lost,to the cheapest sell-out imaginable.Why did you bother to recind from an already written resignation letter in the first place?Definitely not because of your grand-children whose letter you qouted and whom you obviously love more than Ekitians/Nigerians contrary,to your original claim and profession of love for your dear country"Nigeria".
The strength of your resistance or the lack thereof,informs my bitterness to the whole shebang on display my dear sister.Imagine how it would have turned out if you stood your grounds on resignation and how wonderful a thing it would have been if you avoided involving CAN into it.
Your claim to Christianity is annoying as it contradicts the"Let your No be No and Yes be yes"aspect of the Christian faith.Quoting Rosa Parks is a slap on the history of civil agitation because that courageuos woman had family members who frowned at her decision to challenge authority at that time but went ahead,to put her name down in the annals of non-violent protest.
There is no reason why people would not believe that you were clearly "PAID" to recind on your resignation move and declare a winner in a failed election-a shame!.

ukor said...

You did not mention how they bribed you to resign

toksy said...

Originally posted by ukor


You did not mention how they bribed you NOT to resign


She probably was suffering from selective amnesia. I swear there must be something in the water they serve these people once they enter Aso rock. yeye old hag. christian conscience, my a.r.s.e. Imagine how this old woman raised our hopes only to set it crumbling down like humpty dumpty and now has the brass to accuse nigerians of betraying her.

sammyduyo said...

Giving you the opportunity to change the democratic trajectory of Nigeria, was like casting pearls before swine. History will visit you with ignominy.

phil said...

Hello Hakeem:

Trust this email finds you well. We have been receiving quite a bit of feedback from our readers regarding your last essay- they want to know if indeed Mrs. Adebayo wrote the letter -I suppose the answer is no, but wanted to be sure.

Please clarify when you have a chance.

Many thanks,

george oraeki said...

well i personally as a journalist visited ekiti state,i admire mummys courage,the people of ekiti tried to liberate themselves, mummy could have cancelled ide osi rigged results, so that she would be declared a heroine of democracy.

george oraeki

hakeem said...

This article is meant to be a satire...

toyin adepoju said...

could we know the source of this letter?

biodun abe said...

A satire, yes! But I must say this is a satire to beat. This is the proverbial rat that bites and blows some cool air on the spot so you don't feel the pain. Thanks, brother, may your pen never run out of ink.


As an elder, I can sense what happened as toads do not run around during the day. Something bigger than the mama overtook her and as usual, our Nigerians, including me let her down. We wait to read her book later. Is anyone that Obama is visiting Ghana but not NIGERIA. NIGERIANS, "RONU"