Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jessica Utazi's Romance With Me

By Hakeem Babalola
A True Story
The letter is straight to the point. She'd seen my profile on a popular Nigerian web magqazine and she loved what she saw. For her, it’s love at first sight even though she has never met or seen me. Ah, wetin be dis love self? En, wetin be am - a woman or man, animal or both? read more


Kayode Bello, Chicago Ilinois said...

Lucky you...such a nice gal for you and you threw her away with the bathwater. What is wrong with you....marry her and make good love to her every night even if she does dupe you in the end...haba!

I wish I had such opportunity even with all the risk of being duped.

Sherif said...

To start with, no Senegalese has a last name Utazi.

Bankole Okuwa Ph.D. said...

Dear Mr. Hakeem Babalola,

I have read many of your articles and I did make response-contributions to some of them that are germane to my interest.
On this occasion, I am interested in sending you some information about the girl who wrote you a romantic letter from Senegal. According to her love letter to you, her name is Jessica Utazi. As soon as I saw your publication in NewNigerianpolitics, I became curious on seeing Senegal as her country of abode. But by further surprise, I discovered that I had seen the picture the Cinderella lover sent you. I am not really amazed because there are many sick and psychologically depressed people roaming around their exclusive world. I think this lady or girl by name Jessica Utazi is one.

I am going to send you similar letters she sent to me here in the US in March this year. Her name then was Blessing Arnauld. She must have a thousand names to perform her dirty job on people who fall into her snare. Her letters to me and the same picture she sent you will follow this mail.

Information technology which continues to open the world to all peoples has no secret to endure. I hope it will uncovers the secret of Nigerian political leaders who have Nigerian Oil money stacked in foreign banks in Europe, America and the Caribbean countries.
Thank you Mr. Babalola.

Kind regards
Bankole Okuwa Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science.

Emeka Ugoh in Ottawa said...

Hakeem my broda, you sef, you dey complain. You be pastor? See how girl fine, wetin you want again? Abeg if this one want take my life savings, make she take kam as long as she go allow me romance her and maybe I go fit change her to a saint and then marry her make she born at least two for me.

Chei, I never see girl wey fine like dis in a long time.

I like your writing sha, I dey read you all the time for dis site, you dey try.

Bello Alkammawa said...

Be carefull I received such letters from various gals of African countries, but most of them are either fronts of criminals or spy to monitored writers especially those telling truth situation facing massess who were on the hands of selfish leaders in our continent. I was told by a colleague on how security agency and other elites are using decent gals to monitored a writer in order to know his source and who are behind him.

debbie said...

some people are so stupid and looking for love in wrong places---it is not good to be greedy. debbie

Mike Ogbe, Benin City said...

Hakeem, I am dying of laughter, as far as I am concerned, this may be a fake picture to attract gullible men...what else will these fraudsters come up with? Good job for not falling for it.

victor Akpele said...

Please I'll like to know what this is all about. first I just saw on the screen of you guys & I'm interested. please let me in. cheers.

Collin said...

hey how are u i'm playing the same game now i know it is a scam but i enjoying the letters they're really funny my wife and i laughs our asses off