Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Nigerian Environment & Patriotism In A Clash

By Hakeem Babalola
Nigerian Affairs

I reiterate here that there's little difference between Nigerian politicians and armed robbers - the former being the worse. Although they both steal and take lives, politicians do it with impunity while of course; they helped create armed robbers due to bad policies and casual lack of concern read more

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clearwater said...

Hello Hakeem,

Thanks for giving us a sharp and detail insight of what is going on in the union of Nigerians Hungary.

Having said that, I believe you write from your abode which is Hungary? could you please tell me what your stake is in this union? You are a writer fine! Dont you have a Nigerian background that qualifies you to be member of that union? And if you are a member, why cant you take up the secretaship and be a part of a mechinary that is striving towards re-shaping a battered organisation.

Hakeem, I do not believe you can stand on a threshold and expect miracle in a room before you step in! Meanwhile I am finding it extremely difficult undrstanding where you stand in all these!

Your story could probably be more ballance if there was a scenero where your name featured, haba.