Saturday, 26 September 2009

Nigerian Released From Hungarian Prison

By Hakeem Babalola
News Report

A Nigerian is to regain his freedom after nine months incarceration in Hungarian prison. He was set free after the judge acquitted him on one count of passport forgery
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aire said...

Some Nigerian deserve to be deported and kept in Nigerian for the rest of their miserable lives so they never venture out of the country to go destroy the reputations of other law abiding Nigerians abroad - Amen!

FSU said...

The story has not been well told. For example, where was Chris living before he got arrested? He claimed not to be living in Italy, so why an Italian residence permit. Was he living in Hungary as suggested from the statement of the Judge? If so, why does he need a foreign (Italian) permit to access his wife in Hungary where he presumably lives?

Some Nigerians and their ways: the guy should be deported and imprisoned for life. It is not by force to live abroad. Hungary people never see food chop, naija man dey go add to their burden.

rudeboy said...

Yes, deport him! Deport him! One day you return home and he robs or kidnaps you, and you will still blame him! You think people run away from Nigeria because it's fun to do so?