Friday, 16 October 2009

Concert Against Racism Held

By Hakeem Babalola
Special Report

Music Against Racism (ZARE) and Jewish Meeting Point jointly organised a music event to combat racism in celebrating the end of the year Hanukkah 5770 and Christmas 2009 on Tuesday December 15 on A38 Ship lying safely at anchor on Pethőfi Bridge Buda side.

The event, sponsored by the British Embassy, was attended by different races many of who claimed they have once experienced racial sluts.

Zariget Virág, 21, who came to Hungary from Mongolia when she was five, recalled her experience in the street. "I always shut my ears whenever strangers ask rudely what am doing here, or tell me to go back home," she said. "It is sad because my thinking is in Hungarian and not in Mongolian. I attended primary school, secondary school and college here”. 

Miss Zariget sings Hungarian folklore.

John Paul said that he was attacked and beaten by skinheads at Hero Square in 2007. "They asked me where I come from, and I told them it didn't matter. They punched me and I almost lost my tooth. It was scary”.

Lorincz Marcell, ZARE founder and one of the organisers, explained that racism “is a social problem and that it's not new but we have to act against it. We have to make small steps”. He added that music has different styles and one concert can unite several people.

His assertion was supported by Mbaye Ndiaye, Afro Magic Band leader. He said: “concerts against racism are very important because music is the key of communication; the most effective arm to fight racism. It is the world language and if every musician sings about it, it will definitely stop”.

Another participant, Eperjesi Boglárka, said that there is racism against the Jews and especially strong against Gypsies, but quickly added that racists are in the minority though they are loud.  

The participants include NGOs, musicians, journalists, and minority groups.

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