Thursday, 8 October 2009

Nigeria Shouldn’t Have Lost To Germany

By Hakeem Babalola

The Flying Eagles had the better chance in every aspect of the game. But 10-men Germans came twice from behind to prevent what could have been the biggest shock of the tournament. Germany 3 Nigeria 2 in the U-20 second match in Egypt
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cuteajax said...

he Germans have always been least-effort achievers. I knew they would beat our Nigerian team yesterday although I didn’t know they would find it as easy. I knew their coach was lying yesterday when he said they would play attacking football from the blast of the whistle. I have never seen a German team do that and I knew they wouldn’t be the first. They allowed us take control of the game and expend our energy doing the playing while they just guarded their vital areas. I knew they were bidding their time to go to penalty kicks which was their area of strength. They played to their own strength. They thoroughly deserved their win. Some may argue that Nigeria played better by having more ball possession or more shots on goals. I don’t belong to that school of thought. We all know that it is the actual GOALS that were scored that determine who wins, so any team that does what’s necessary, no matter how paltry deserves to win and hence played better. The Germans knew the least things they had to do to get the goals and they did it while the Nigerians only dissipated their energies. Winning is about entrenching your strength on your opponents while mitigating your weaknesses. Above all, it is about placing priority on what is most important. Nigeria LOST the match, period! The only painful part was that we didn’t let Germany sweat to earn their win. We literally gifted it to them. Better luck next time. And I hope we go with better strikers too. Fatai(9) , Uchechi(11) and Ighalo(8) were pathetic! Lets face facts, we really sucked in this tournament. Three losses in four games? Haba.

Boko Haram said...

The defeat is part of the yaradua syndrome-Failure at all levels. If Nigeria had won, people who had not eaten for 24 hours and people who watched the game under the toxic effluents of generators would have been on the streets jubilating. They will forget the serious problems plaguing Nigeria.

When everything comes to a halt, maybe the people will start to react to this extremely negative government and strings of failures.

Football is the least of our problems and the more we continue to fumble the more we will stay on course on the national tragedies facing this failed country.

Let's put football aside and sack this evil regime. Period!