Monday, 12 October 2009

The Trials of Ambassador Tunde Adeniran

By Hakeem Babalola

The professor was preparing to transport himself to the God Own country when his tribulations began. News gradually filtered around that America had rejected him. "What is wrong with this Obama people," I yelled. What is their grudge against the Giant of Africa? What are they up to this time around? Why should America reject one of the best brains in the country as our ambassador? Best brain?read more


Tivlumun said...

surely there is, the difference between knowledge and wisdom, being knowledgeable as a professor does not mean having wisdom, perhaps our leaders will start learning. i rest my case.

olivio said...

western state and Oyo state are not the same. western state was an amalgamation of the present Lagos Oyo Ogun Ondo Oshun and Ekiti states

Mr. Hersha Ekenkwo (London, UK) said...

I hope they send his worthless son to jail for life and bundle his father out of the country...they are the scum of the earth bringing disgrace to us all.
Mr. Hersha Ekenkwo (London, UK)

Tunde Ali said...

Hello Hakeem,
I often read your articles at Africansearchlight website, and I marvel at your style of writing. In your recent article, titled The Trials of Ambassador Tunde Adeniran, I noticed that in the 13th and the 15th paragraphs of the said article, his last name was mis-spelled or mistakenly substituted with Adediran. I send this note to abreast you of this error; and possibly effect a correction.
Tunde Ali.