Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chocolate Oxygen

By Manashantii
Emotional bond and in remembrance of my biological father

What an amazing voice you have,
your voice is friendly and embracing,
your voice is warm dry, honey,chocolate oxygen melt.

Divine consciousness of  love, peace wisdom,
You are enchanting Divine African nobility,
but the truth is you are Divine intelligence incarnate,
Divine intelligence that guides, protects and nurtures me that's
what you are.
Your words are,
gently entering my physical head,
delicately flowing into my ears,
pacifying my consciousness,
entrancing my mind subliminally with rhythmic waves,
that dances inside my blood.
Your voice is what plays the talking drum inside my heart.

You are the creator of my life force.
You are the wise ancestral one that I cherish, honour, and worship.
Instinctively my very being submits to your presence,
for I am in awe of you,
and I am experiencing the pleasure of your voice,
affirming me,
affirming my existence.

Manashantii wrote in from the United Kingdom

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