Sunday, 21 February 2010

African to Contest Hungarian Elections

 By Hakeem Babalola
(Community Report)

African man is set to make history in Hungary when he contests in parliamentary elections schedule for April in Budapest. 

Gibril Deen who has been in the vanguard of helping fellow immigrants regarding the violation of their rights, is to represent the minorities in the parliament if successful. 

In order to qualify to contest, Deen who is popularly known as Mr. Deen among the African communities, needs to secure 750 signatures in his district.
 "The preparation is underway," he said. "And people are helping me to get the required signatures," but quickly added that for him it's just a move and not a do or die ambition.

Deen, a naturalized Hungarian citizen, is contesting under the Szociál Demokrata Párt (SZDP) led by Dr. Petrasovits Anna. 

Deen is the Founder of Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Movement, a foundation that came into existence in 1992 to fight injustice, integrating with Hungarians, providing legal aids to asylum seekers, human rights education and campaign, tolerance campaign among youths, and promoting African culture. 

He is also the Organizer of Afrikai Stars Football Club whose aim is dedicated to Sports Against Racism, or to fight intolerance in sports. In addition, Gambian born Deen is a member of the minority committee of the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ).

Deen came to Europe as a student to study Printing and Graphics Arts Design but human rights activism arrested him. He then attended courses on trade unionism in Russia and other places before finally settling down in Hungary.
In 1994, the then Budapest Week, the first English Newspaper in Hungary, declared him "The Gambian godfather" because of his undying passion for people's welfare.  

He is admired and regarded as a responsible and reliable man. 

"He is a wonderful man," said Margit Piroska who has known him for 25 years, adding that he has lots of experience in human rights matters and immigrants problems.


Anonymous said...

i am happy that al last he has decided to use all his connections and knowledge in human right to represent the minorities in politics , l pray God will help him to succeed Amen.

Kemo said...

Hi Mr Babalola,
My name is Kemo Cham, editor-in-chief,
I came across your article on Mr Deen, which i have re-written and republished on jollofnews and, as i often do when I come across stories that has to do with Gambians and any others related to our coverage span.
I was wondering if there is any chance that you could link me to Mr Deen, I'd like to conduct an interview with him, if possible.
And if you think there is any way you and I can work together, it will be appreciative on my part. Until I hear from you, thank you.
Kemo Cham