Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Preparing Roman Kids for Tournament

 By Hakeem Babalola
Community Report

Some talented Roman kids are being prepared for soccer tournament slated for February to be held at district 8 in downtown Budapest.

Tagged Tolerance Tournament, the competition is expected to feature four teams from different schools attended by Roman children whose ages range from 11 to 16.

Small Voice visited the training ground of one of the expected teams at Lokotos Menyhert ALT Iskola, where Amoudu Sane coach the Roman Kids Football Club every Wednesday from 16.00 to 17.50.

Small Voice had a chat with the youngsters most of who expressed their passion for football and the dream of becoming professionals when they grow up.

Kökáy Sándor 13, who said that he liked scoring goals and whose favourite player is Ronaldhinho, would one day play professional football.

Jáno Béla 13, could not hide his joy as he explained that he awaited the tournament. Béla proved to be a master dribbler and goal getter during training. His favourite club is real Madrid.

For Gulycs Dávid, 13 whose favourite player is Roberto Carlos, the team must win the competition. Rácz Dzsulió 12, Szaló Csaba 11, Nyárú Károly 13, also share the same sentiment as their team mates. 

Most importantly, the boys are said to be well disciplined. "They are doing well," said their trainer. 

Mr. Sane whose training is never completed without words of encouragement, told his players the importance of regular training. 

"Football is training. If you can't train, you can't play football. You have to listen to the coach," he instructed in English while his wife served as translator.

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