Saturday, 31 July 2010

Mount Cameroon Restaurant Opens

Hakeem Babalola
(Community Report)

A new African restaurant was officially opened on Friday 31st July at Wesselényi street 49, Budapest Hungary as guests tasted the delights of the African cuisine.. read more & see photos 

Co-owner Salume
Named Mount Cameroon Étterem, the aim of the new eatery is to provide African community with hygienic atmosphere to be proud of, so that African culture can be promoted in different ways.

Decorated with African map, flags and symbol of 53 African states, Mount Cameroon is said to be adequately ready to quench the thirst as well as hunger of patronizers who according to the manager,  are not limited to Africans alone.  

George said that one of the numerous plans of the restaurant is to show and probably teach Hungarians African cuisine. He explained further that ten Hungarians had visited the restaurant a day before the official opening, and that they were happy.

For now, only the West African cuisine will be served. For instance, foods from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and so on.

Meanwhile, it appears Mount Cameroon may be more than business as the spokesperson explained: "Restaurant is part of culture," said George. "We are going to promote African cuisine as never done in this country."

George appealed to Africans in Hungary to support the new additional African restaurant in the capital city so that the aims of the owners can be achieved.

Mike, the  waiter doing his job
Although no African drinks was served on the opening day, many believed things would definitely improve as time passes by.

Small voice gathered that there was no unnecessary bureaucracy from the local government during the process of application to start the new business.    

It is the hope of those who attended the opening ceremony that Mount Cameroon would live longer than the normal short life span for African restaurants in Hungary.

"I hope Mount Cameroon would avoid steps that have been responsible for early closure of similar restaurants before it," lamented a guest.

Attended by scores of Africans and Hungarians, Mount Cameroon is no doubt the new kid on the block regrading African cuisine in this Danube region.

Photo Gallery

Gibril Deen addressing guests
The Manager, left with guests
Cross section of invited guests
Cross section of invited guests
Invited guests
One of the owners making sure everything is under control


Wisdom Kaunda, Zambia said...

"Africans seem to appreciate their own foods when in the diaspora.Most people in Zambia are fond of junk foreign foods.Honestly,i have never seen a fast food outlet with an African menu even the pies sold by Pies for Africa are not Africa.Enjoy the taste food!"

abraham kiluwa said...

Thanks very much.and on behalf of Mount Cameroon restaurant, we are so happy and we will keep in touch till then we wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...


help!!! I want to go to this restaurant but i don't know when will it be open. I'd like to know something about the food, drinks and prices.

Many thanks.

Erika from Balatonfüred

mysmallvoice said...

Hi Erika,

Thanks for your inquiry

The restaurant opens every day from morning to midnight. For more information please call
+(36)1-785 1066


Anonymous said...

Hi Mysmallvoice,
thanks, I was there yesterday, I like such snug places. George was very friendly, the food was tasteful, the wine was reviving, I want to go back in a short time. :)
Erika from Balatonfüred

mysmallvoice said...


I'm glad you like the place..

Can u send your e-mail address so as to send any breaking news to you, or any new development.

Mill@ said...

10 of us had great time here, just after our wedding at town hall. Food is special and delicious and hospitality is remarkable- not what you can usually expect in most of the restaurants in Hungary, unfortunately... The waiters smile at you and you can really feel to be a guest, to be welcome! Do not hesitate to create a facebook profile for the restaurant, I would be happy to advertise you.

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