Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Nigerian Embassy in Washington

A Letter

SIR: The Nigerian Embassy in Washington D.C., United States, remains a disgrace to all our citizens. I recently had a friend submit his passport for a visa. When the passport did not return as planned, this friend called no less than 50 times and even enlisted my help, to no avail.

When I did call, I found that the operator answered the phone only one of 10 calls, and she must be the only one working there because when I managed to reach her again, she reminded me she only works at the switchboard and couldn't help me. All the voice mailboxes were full, and despite three hours spent one day, no one picked

the phone up even once!

It appears that things are still the same and nothing has changed. They are a disgrace to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Ambassador should be

ashamed of the type of embassy he is in charge of.

How are Nigerian citizens supposed to enlist help if they are in trouble when no one can be reached? Please help to overhaul the horrible "civil service" attitude these so-called diplomats have.

Ndidi Onwubalili,

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