Monday, 31 December 2007

Africans in Hungary in Picture (2007)

Africans in Hungary, it seems, have come of age. Though they hide under individual efforts, Africans are now rocking Hungary to solidify their daily bread.

From Tunde Komolafe who has added another feather to his cap by being knighted by "The Sovereign Order of St -Ouen and Star"; to Fekete Páko whose funny bait has entrapped his Hungarian fans like hook to fish; to Toyin Akinwumi who has been described as the Nigerian Traditional Music Ambassador in Hungary by The Nation newspaper.

Yes Africans may still be at the incipient stage of development in Hungary but it seems to me that they have woken up. They have set the pace of endearment in terms of awareness. Let them not relent on their efforts.

From SANKOFA GROUPE who performed at a concert where Hungarian students raised fund to build hospital in Kabinda, Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo; to The African Melody Band spearheaded by the duo of Dava and Bertha, who seem to be taking cultural awareness to another level when they performed at a Zoo party; to Miss Afro Pageant, again organised by Tunde Komolafe who described himself as a survival.

Methinks Africans are a determined lot. Hence it should be a study case why majority of them who could not make it in their different countries find success in a foreign country. However, they should not let their new status goes into their head. Let them probe and demand normalcy from their different governments. Let them use their exposure to help uplift their different countries.

From Gibril Deen, who was once described by the first English Newspaper in Hungary, The Budapest Week, as The African godfather in Hungary; to Sammie Adetiloye whose website is becoming a source of information; to many businessmen and women who have opened Internet cafe, and those who sell clothes in the market; to those who have African boutiques; to Afrique Internationale, a football club.

Man must not live by bread alone, so says that knowledgeable book. Therefore, Africans in Hungary should do more than just parties. As you can see, it is all about entertainment which is alright.

But let us do more than the old folks surreptitiously posing with the young. Let us do more than just parading young girls half-naked. Let us advance a bit so that it would be more than just Hungarian helping African children. Let us institute an intellectual agenda in which eminent African Scholars, economists etc would be invited. Let us not forget why we could not go back to our different countries.

From Ledon Sylla who is a consultant and event organiser to DJ Edward and DJ Lekki to Dynamous Band; to Slang and Revolution; to Ayo Adams and Onix; to Oji Adisson who works in one of the most expensive restaurants in Budapest; to Tunde Adeosun and John Oni, the duo who helped sustain the Nigerian Union Committee; to Daniel Israel whose play - A Mermaid's Wedding - is expected to come up in March 2008; to Klara Bassey, who perhaps is the happiest woman on earth today. She knows why.

Oh, I almost forgot. Hungary has joined Schengen States, a relief to those of us who have refused to change our identity. This simply means we can also travel to several European countries without visa. Isn't it ironical then if African citizens must secure visa in order to cross other African borders? O ma se o (it's a pity).

Finally, I would like to see the African embassies in Hungary coming up with something tangible. Let them do more than the usual annual Africa Day. For example, they should build African House instead of renting a hall every year. This is not only sensible but cost effective. I trust this is the end of the beginning.

Happy New Year

compiled by Hakeem Babalola


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most Africans in Budapest, Hungary are up to no good, especially the Nigerians.

They do not work and hang around the main squares all day dealing in anything from counterfeit goods to drugs!

It is sad, but Hungary has attracted the criminal element!

I hear that there will soon be some police action against these undesirables and not before too long!

Anonymous said...

It's a pity my friend, that you only see those, who r not ready 2 contribute 2 da hungarian economy....But they r evrywhere, not only in Hungary, i believe they were already like this (criminals) in Naija...we cant help that...But believe me, there r many, who r tryin not 2 do so....There r many hardworkin' nigerians in Hungary!Smtimes u should see da brigth side of da things too.....

Anonymous said...

Ledon Sylla is a cheater and liar. don't you ever get in business relation with him...

Anonymous said...

Why are these things being said about Ledon? What has he done to make you believe so?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Ledon! He is nothing but bitch.. Always hiding wen he must owe you money.. Fuck Ledon Sylla!! Do not trust him my friends!

Anonymous said...

Very pathetic that you must come to a blog to speak such foolishness. Everyone has their faults but Ledon is far from a bad individual.

Anonymous said...


Christophe Alain Sylla aka Ledon is in Jail.


File all your problems with him at the police. he did everywhere the same nonsense.... so he has to finally stay in jail als long as possible!

Asya Leiman said...

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