Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bombagyár TV Editor Forbids Interracial Relationship

Fekete Pako and other Nigerians


I am the main editor of Bombagyár TV and Radio. Yes, we made that video with Olapite, alias Fekete Pako. Shame on us, right? Well, think again.What was the situation? There was this guy, who is quite embarrassing for all black people in Hungary, and is a very dangerous media performer, as a celebrated symbol of immorality. This is not good for either of us. You don't want your people to be ridiculed, and we don't want our youth to be corrupted by a foreigner - because that's what he is - and taught of promiscuity.

Well, we don't want our youth to mingle with foreigners at all, like it or not. But the guy keeps showing up in the media. His records sell in millions. There's already a reality show being planned with him. The only way to get rid of him is is to kill him. Or...

Or you remember that most of the media is controlled by Jews. And what they hate the most? So, before you judge, think of it. We got rid of him. You don't need to say a word. No need for saying thanks, this is good for both of our people. Now Hungarians don't say "all nigg**s must be like this" any more Now they say: "this nigg** is crazy." And he's expelled from the media. At last, Szalasi served a good purpose.

Finally, I am sorry if you're offended by my views, but I am against sexual relationships between races, and even certain nations. I don't want to open a debate about this, but I can ensure you that most of my compatriots share this view. Nothing personal, it's just a view.

Tamas Polgar


osoba said...
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osoba said...

I cannot blame Mr Polgar because he really does not understand what is race, if he does then he would have understood that he , just like every other Hungarians came from Mongolia then what are we talking about . He should think first if he himself is an Alien or foreigner to himself or not. He said that the youth of his country are at risk of being corrupted, oh what a shame. is it foreigners who corrupt them then? l disagree, the same foreigners are building the future of your so called youths. The same foreigners are investing heavily in your country so that people like you can be given social assistance in case you do not get job , the same foreigners create jobs and integrate you into the wider world. Then what are we saying.

In addition a country without foreigners will never develop , that was why your king , king Steven said and l quote "that for the development of Hungary, she needs the help of foreigners and he advised Hungarians on this".
Mr Polgar, be advise we are in a new era and a new age whether you like it or not you need others to develop your country and your future .It will be rather unfortunate if you keep your myopic view with you which will lead you nowhere.But it will help you if you have an open mind

Anonymous said...

You must not ignore the fact that "Fekete Pako" is a true worthless human, regardless of his origin, color of skin or like. If he would be "real Hungarian" acting like he does he would be just the same worthless person. He's a shame for anyone related to his color, nationality or actually species.
He's stupid, untalented and really vulgar, and so far I wasn't able to figure any positive feature of him.

It does not change the fact that Mr. Polgar is a true racist, though. But he's not a "TV editor", just a politically very active blogger.