Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Re: Nigeria and its dual citizenship

Abdul Idi is a Former Nigerian Junior National Lawn Tennis Champion 1985 & 87. He sent this from the USA

Hi Hakeem,

I am one of those Nigerians that became American citizen about 10 years ago. Any person that has a chance to move to another place for better life but refused to go is a BIG FOUL.

YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE to all those smart graduates that attended the best colleges in Nigeria who are now corrupting the nation to stop and think. If they were smart enough to obtain a degree from Nsuka, UniLag, UI, ABU, BUK, Yaba Tech, Enugu etc, they 'gotta' be smart enough to fix the situation.

By the way, are you currently living in Nigeria? if not, do you have a green card in the States of Europe? If you have a green card what do you need it for? If you are now in Nigeria, I wish you all the best and don't forget that those of us that became American citizens are helping people not just our family members in Nigeria in different ways.

I am also one of those that did not pass the GCE after high school and will never be able to enroll in college in Nigeria. F-9 in GCE equals your college dream is over. Thanks to an American college that gave me admission based on my transcripts from Form One to Five.

Do you expect someone in my situation NOT to accept U.S citizenship? Becoming an American dose NOT mean I don't know where I came from or who my people are. I am a JUKUN by tribe and my hometown is WUKARI in the State of Taraba.


Abdul Idi- Former Nigerian Junior National Lawn Tennis
Champion 1985 & 87.

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