Sunday, 17 February 2008

The first Afro Valentine marks a turning point in Nigerian's career

Mr. Daniel Israel organised the first Afro Valentine in Hungary on February 14. The occasion marks the turning point in Daniel's career and probably sets the pace on how Africans and Hungarians would celebrate subsequent Lover's Day in Hungary click and read more


daniel said...

Dear sir
Good day and compliment of the season in Jesus name , i am so delighted with your lines and it was a delicious meal which i will forever appreciate throughout the days of my life and these will also encourage me to move a head , i am impressed and i pray that i shall be at your back to move with you to the stage of limelight in Jesus name,
I shall see you soon
extend my greetings to your family

Afromopicx said...

After a spectacular display of talent and love of the arts, Afro Valentine's message of love and peace was a success. We thank you for taking part in our program.

Such programs are mutually beneficial for the performers, because it gives them a platform to perform, while it gives the organizers a reliable and attractive way to showcase program ideas.

We hope you will be able to join us again in the future! Afro Valentine's Day program was something of a potpourri of acts and genres, and the program was planned highlighting your nitch in the field of music and dance. You will definitely hear from us again.

We are also using this opportunity to say thanks to all the Online news Magazines for all their supports in different ways, especially by promoting our programs now and in the future. May God grant you more grace to keep the good work going.

Take care, keep the music in the air, the dance steps in your feet and the rhythm in you soul!