Friday, 15 February 2008

The Day An African Brother Almost Cheated Us

A True Story

How would you feel if an African brother tried to defraud you in a foreign land? If he employed deception for profit to himself? Especially when you have met him in the street a few times and did commune? Budapest is not like your London or New York or Paris where many Africans reside. In Budapest , African brothers know one another – almost by name. What devilish impulse then moved our brother to do what he did? click and read more


Adison said...

Hi Hakeem,

Maybe i know this guy he's helping an Egyptian shop owner in the Deák tér subway,he's a Cameroonian.

But i suggest you forget and pardon the situation he's only trying to survive.

From my own personal experience he is a friendly person.
Let's talk more at the Afronet forum i'll give you more info about him.



Anonymous said...

Sorry. You all have to understand the mechanism of market economy before you castigate anybody regardless of race or religion. If you understand the mechanism of demand and supply, you would have noticed the incongruency in this report. If you go to Marks and Spencer, you will get a shirt for a certain amount of money and going to a Chinese market, you are bound to pay a lesser price. Prices of Fuel at pump stations differ between 0-15 Forints and it is not dependent on race. The buyer is free to choose at which place and at what price he would like to buy. The watchword for business is profit. If you ever visited Turkey, Tunisia or Egypt, you can purchase any product for 50% less of the price originally offered or you may pay the originally offered price. You can get a bottle of cooking oil in a big Supermarket for 220Ft and go to the next chain of supermarket and you may be lucky to get the same product for 20% less or 20% more. You are free to decide. This is what market economy is all about. The colour of faces or skin is not a prerequisite for doing business. Therefore, binging a "brotherly" issue into business, to me is absolutely absurd and unjustified, and if you may permit me, is targeted at character assassination. Objective writing free of personal subjective deductions should be avoided. Going back to the roots of economic transactions, to learn will be an attribute to each an everyone of us. I am not saying that what happened is right, but then you have to play the rules of the game. You are free to buy from wherever you like and any price that is acceptable to you.