Friday, 15 February 2008


Joking as a healing herb

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segun Osoba said...

osoba said...

A true Nigerian,
I am surprise at the write up of this our brother about Nigerians, l believe with no doubt that this so called true Nigerian is surely breaking all those statement about the mentality of Nigerians.
I will advice my brother to check himself first before checking on others.As he forgetten that the oyinbo land that he claims to be living also has some norms and cultures that are negative but they look at the positive side of it.
Or as he also forgotten that what makes a lion to be fierce is not that he sees you but rather he is hungary or you are attacking him. Nigerians may have that negativites but who made them to be like that, were they like this 30-40 years ago, l think the answer is no. let us see what we can do to develop ourselve and not decrease our personality all in the name of a true nigerian.
My question is this to him "Is he really a true nigerian himself " if yes why not stay in nigeria to develop her with your knowledge.True Nigerian indeed.

Engr Osoba Daniel Mobolaji

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Though I am not holding for the writer, I think he is only cracking jokes about Nigerians including himself. In this season of cholera in our polity, the healing herb may in fact, be our ability to joke about ourselves.

segun osoba said...

Possibly l misuderstood him, l thought he was saying something else , l did not know it was a joke. Then l will take it to be a joke and use it.

Engr Osoba Daniel Mobolaji

16 February 2008 12:39