Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My Darling British Airways

By Hakeem Babalola

"Bad Satire"
Perhaps those calling for the boycott don’t know what they’re doing to me. They want to put asunder to what God has joined together. Ha, this woman is my darling and nobody can separate us. I cannot live without my ducky whom I fell in love with, before and even after I knew about her incorrigible persona. It’s the BA that had helped transport my forefathers to the world of slavery I still embrace. The main reason I shall continue to support her click to read story


Alokwe Dudu said...

I’m not sure I get this your article, is it that you are against the protest because Nigerians deserve to be mistreated or are you just playing about?

Seriously I not understand am.




I read your piece with the above heading published in Daliy Champion of Tuesday 13,2008.Frankly speaking,i do not subcribe to your line of argument.

I have read several of your articles and always appreciate your sense of duty and critical solutions you offer in issues of national interest.

However,the paramount concern that the current issue involves the life of a fellow Nigerian being deported.The Nigerian (the deportee) deserves a little respect despite any circumstance.

The story was that British Airways officials called in the London Metropolitan Police to contain Nigerian passagers who were visibly unhappy with the inhumane way a Nigerian was handcuffed and pushed around.And these Nigerians were prevented from flying their scheduled flight and one of them barred from travelling with the British Airways in future.

Sir,I agree with you that our government in their myopic and visionless leadership has contibuted to this shamless ill treatment meted to Ngerians but the person in question is not a government official but a fellow(ordinary) Nigerians.

There is one adage in Igboland there one who has been rejected can not reject himself.We suffer all these humiliation,injustice and ill treatments in the hands of foreigners because our government has failed to put things right.

If the government has failed to so,then what of us. We can change our destiny,can't we?.If we can boycott the British Airways for a while and was able to make a statement then they will sit up too and know how to treat Nigerians.

Inasmuch as you are entitle to your opinion and can decide to boycott or not,this can of view will deter other Nigerians to remain lukeworm when they should react.

Please i hold you in esteem but really do not subscribe to your current opinion.