Thursday, 8 May 2008

In Response to Hungarian Lady Who Keeps An Eye on Africans

By Archie Bonka
I am very sure Adrienn must have scored a very good grade if she had written her thesis on her ex African male prostitute lover because she knows everything about this guy. I also think it would be a best seller if she decided to use that material for a novel in the future rather than writing on Fekete Páko with hearsay materials
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Adri said...

Dear Whatsoever...

I am responding to you directly because I am a face-to-face person with an attitude. You had better do the same thing.

After reading your offensive comment on Hakeem's writing, I can only support his struggle for his own good reputation. People like you will always be oppressed in real life because you are living a dream...Many people had one...

There are a few things I would correct in the interview.

1) It is true that I am planning on making a documentary on African people here in Hungary. Not with the aim to make people hate these people, though. I am so sorry if you think you should critisize me about my own personal opinion and experience. Once in my life I chose the wrong guy and I was naive. Period. I know lots of educated, well-mannered Africans who would never get to my ex's level. Yet, there are TONS who are on the same level. I do not fight against them, I just leave them alone. It is my personal choice to do so. I do NOT have to be friends with everyone so I guess I do not have to make you agree with me.

I appreciate your opinion but I can't accept your tone. Aren't we civilized enough to debate instead of using the 4-letter-words in a miserable coat??

By the way, about the male prostitution...Prostitution = sex for money. My ex never asked for money because of the sex. He was said to be in a hard situation and needed help. Who the hell knew he had other women in his pocket??? So save the drama and your opinion and tell it to someone that actually cares! You can't change my way of thinking, I can't change your...opinion about your proud "nation" so try to provoke trouble somewhere else.

I have always been proud to say I am a good person and if it causes me emotional trouble and betrayels, I will face them as a human. They say if you are robbed, it is your fault. I think the world should NOT think this way.

One word about Pákó and the others: he is just a one-night-stand in the history of the Hungarian media. Nobody will remember him after he is gone. Why would I bother even to talk about him? I wrote about him as I wrote about all the other celebrities. Period.

I wish you good luck in life and a long life...They say only the good ones pass away quickly so...

Have a nice day and much faith to you,

Adrienn Nyisztor

P.S. One more thing...Think over your style cos next time I will think over mine...