Friday, 31 October 2008

Ghana's Willing Embrace of Democracy

By Bonka Archie
In Praise of Ghana Election

The practice of totalitarianism by different governments in Africa has always portrayed the region and its people as total failure. In spite of abundant human and natural resources that pervade the continent, it seems the region is caused

On December 7, 2008, Ghanaians went to the polls for a change. But contrary to voters’ expectations, the campaigns were so dirty, especially between the two main parties. They resulted to playing tribal cards which has always jeopardized our development. This scenario had initially painted the whole country in colour - of fear.

The elections itself became the focus of the world since we all know that the aftermath of African multi-party elections is always chaos and anarchy. But this time around Ghanaians proved the bookmakers wrong. They have shown that Africa has embraced democracy; and that it’s not just one party system, tribal wars, coup d tats and famine. Ghanaians has shown the world that Africans can be patriotic, responsible, determined and democratic.

This was exhibited on December 7 2008 when Ghanaians voted in a free, fair, and transparent election. The result was too close to call so neither the two main parties were able to acquire the maximum votes needed. The ruling party lost most of its parliamentarian seats to the opposition National Democratic Congress while it led in the presidential seats with 49.7 % which prompted a run off or what I call a penalty shoot out held on December 28 2008.

The National Democratic Congress eventually won 229 out of 230 constituencies in the presidential run off while the seats in the parliament are well divided. In my view, the balance will pave way for good policy implementation and transparency rather than our attitude of rubber stamping that has characterized African governments across the Continent.

Once again Ghanaians have demonstrated that democracy can be peacefully practiced and entrenched across the African Continent. Long live Ghana , long live Africa .

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