Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama Saga: A Challenge to Nigerian Americans to Build Own Nation

By Hakeem Babalola
International Politics

Nigerian Americans mustn't sleep until they help build a nation in their land of birth. Obama's phenomenon should have opened their eyes that nothing is impossible which is what this historical victory stands for. Let them help us battle the fear that has rendered their people useless in their own land. Let them fight and flood their land of birth with everlasting energy... read more


danmeka said...

Brother Hakeem, you have done well but it is neither or never for us to see uhuru.

Example: America

Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could march. Martin Luther King march so that Barack Obama could run.Barack Obama ran and won so as to give Americans hope for a better society.


Awo,Zik and Balewa started the race, the army stopped the race.Gowon,Mohammed and Obasanjo started the race and handed to Shagari. Shagari continue Buhari stopped it. Buhari launched the race but Babaginda maradonised him and re-launched it. Babaginda started the race but maradonised himself and Shonekan took over but the dark shade genius in the name of Abacha was too smart and stopped the race. Abacha re-launched the race but was kumasutramitised and Abdul Salam took over.
Abdul Salam relaunched the race and handed over to Obasanjo,Obansanjo continue and tried to third-termised the race but to no avail so he handed over to Yar Adua who is still running and our generation,not yet uhuru


Domeremember said...

I beleive strongly within me and something tells me that sooner than later the same change will come to Nigeria with or without the help of those abroard.
You just can't stop change.

Oguguo Yakere said...

America was built by people who came together and agreed to build a nation.

The various states, upon seeing the good thing in the union voluntarily joined the union one by one until the count reached 51 today. See the magnitude of autonomy in each state and the progress they keep making according to their capabilities.

Can we compare the origin of America to that of Nigeria?

Have the corrupt leaders of Nigeria accepted the national conference that the people have been yearning for to sit down and agree like America, to build a nation?

Have the same click allowed a fair election? Do Nigerians allow enlightened candidates to emmerge? What about the killings of those they percieve as threath.

What happened with the only relatively fair election that took place that Abiola won?

Finally let us not decieve ourselves. America has a regretable past as regards race, but the truth is that they have been improving year after year giving hope to the people that their tomorrow will be better; lo and behold that hope has become vindicated. With Obama as President it has come to pass.

On the other hand Nigeria's ugly past has not been improving, instead things have been getting worse year after year shattering any atom of hope among the people and making them see no light at the end of the tunnel.

When you are climbing out of a deep hole step by step you will at least undure, knowing that sooner or later you will come out to the surface. But when you are on your way down digging yourself farther into the hole, what good expectation do you have other than self destruction?

tunji said...

Thanks Hakeem, this is another great article you have written...I just hope that this victory turns out the positive attributes of all black nations, Nigerians especially.

Amsterdam, NL

Anonymous said...

correction - the president elect is not the son of a former slave, he is the son of an african immigrant from kenya.