Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Admiral Arogundade & his Mad Puppies

By Hakeem Babalola
Official Brutality

I am compelled to ask, did Ms Okere's father who is now the Sergeant-At Arms of the National Assembly, also displaced such coarse manner during his time in the military? If so, although it doesn't justify the assault on Ms Okere, it would have been the case of a stone thrown in the market. Even then Ms Okere's case only represents the symbol of official brutality, dangerous arrogance, and disrespect for the land's constitution we are fighting against read more


gbolly said...

I do not approve the madness of Admiral Arogundade and his goons. Thank God the incident happened with the daughter of a retired officer.
Could it be that God used the incident to repay the madness commited by Uzoma's father during his time in service?

God help us in Nigeria where being nobody is as bad as being dead.

emj said...

"Okere, herself the daughter of a retired naval officer who was incidentally Arogundade's senior at the military school, was accused of not quickly giving way for the naval officer's convoy."

Eherm, Hakeem, please always carry out due diligence by getting your facts right b4 putting pen to paper......Her dad is not a retired naval officer:p

tsohon soja said...

Some commentators should please not trivialise this otherwise very serious matter of national embarrashment.

I never believe the sins of parents should be served their children. So, please all should quit this good-for-her-ex-soldier-father bile-spewing.

I will repeat as I said on this Blog in an earlier thread - Both Arogundade and Okere are well known to me. Okere luckily enough, better known to me, because I served under him as a very young officer. A graduate of the University of Ife - He was a very professional, humble, intelligent, cheerful and very methodical officer of the Nigerian Army Signal Corp. He was soft-spoken and would always speak last, but only when he necessarily must.

He was very particular about astute family life and ensuring that his wife and children were never 'into' the Nigerian Army way of spouses and kids lording it over others of lower ranks than their husbands or fathers. The Okere family were very private and religious people.

About Arogundade, some other person will soon narrate to us his whole pedigree.

Bis-salam (I leave you in Peace)

hakeem said...

=emj;289714>Eherm, Hakeem, please always carry out due diligence by getting your facts right b4 putting pen to paper......Her dad is not a retired naval officer:p


renike said...

this issue is too serious to be taken with levity, by insuinating that the victim is suffering for her father's "sins". this could have been anyone or me for that matter, as i have absolutely no regard for our military officers or any siren blowing convoy with their wanton and obsence display of unnecessary power? for that matter as there is a law against all of these nonsense. :sad:

allaccess said...

"Thank God Nigeria is not a jungle. If it were to be a wild primitive state untouched by civilisation..."

hmmm, but is Nigeria not a jungle/ how else to describe it?

Osaje Adenike said...

This is just another way of these military men displaying their animalistice behaviour, and I am of the opinion that they should not be living among "Human Beings" because they are not fit for such.
Arogundade, Naibada and their
"Bingos"(our dog's name)should all be jailed and allowed to pay for the damages caused not only Ms. Okere but also the occupants of her vehicles and other people at the scene of the incidents who also received some beatings from these animals.After that let them go home (Sack) and continue inflicting such treatment on their wives and daughters, no one cares again!

It is high time a law is passed in this country to this effect restraining any military personel from maltreating innocent civilian, also there should be freedom of speech in this country!